4 mins

Taking your parents out for dinner, especially for Indian/Pakistani food, is a bit of a gamble, much like when you decide to sit and watch a movie with them. Unfortunately, […]


Red Iron Steakhouse

4 mins

Red Iron Burgers and I go a long way back. You see, it all started back in 2012 when HGAT was in it’s early days; I was young, curious, and […]


Eid in London 2017

4 mins

After a long 30 days of fasting, Ramadan is coming to an end. It has not been the easiest month for us, but one that has really opened my eyes to […]


Burger UK

4 mins

A while back, I was excited to report that HGAT was expanding and I was looking to hire. Of course, it couldn’t just be anyone, they had to be the most […]

HGAT Travels


HGAT Guide to Marrakech

5 mins

2017 has been a busy, busy year for both BW and myself, and booking a holiday was the last thing on the both of our minds. Come June and it […]

HGAT Guide to Phuket

HGAT Guide to Phuket

10 mins

GETTING THERE Aware of what happened on our last domestic flight, we packed lightly and headed to CNX airport. Thankfully, there were no issues and we were infact able to […]


HGAT Guide to Chiang Mai

12 mins

GETTING THERE Having been in BKK for a couple of days, we caught a domestic flight via Thai Lion Air to Chiang Mai (CNX) from the DMK airport. Leaving BKK […]


Nahm, Bangkok

4 mins

Do any of you have those days where you realllly question life? I have had two of them. The first was when I went on my first date with BW […]


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