2 mins

I’ve mentioned before how I’m known to be notoriously late, making BW question how one person could have such poor time management. That is, until he got to know my […]

Zheng He-8256


2 mins

What is it about good Malaysian food that just makes you feel all fuzzy and melt inside? Is it all that butter that they fry their flaky roti in? What […]

Babaji Pide Brunch -6816

Babaji Pide Brunch

2 mins

A few weekends ago, I was feeling a little bit brunchy and a little bit lunchy at the same time. But where could I possibly go in order to satisfy […]



2 mins

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come to realise that I have a dangerous obsession. A delicious, calorific obsession, that is. All my friends and family have stopped trusting me […]

HGAT Series


Romantic Restaurants in London

6 mins

You’ll never guess what time of the year it is again? Nope, not Eid, and not my birthday either (although, this should be celebrated all year long), but Valentine’s day! […]


Father’s Day

2 mins

I’ve always felt bad for dads of the families. Whilst mums have two Mother’s Day and can be treated with spa packages, flowers, and afternoon teas, dads tend to get […]


Dubai’s Burger Wars

4 mins

Over the Christmas holidays, BW and I packed our bags and headed off to Dubai. I know, I know, I’ve been frequenting there quite a bit recently and you’ll probably […]

HGAT Travels


Nahm, Bangkok

4 mins

Do any of you have those days where you realllly question life? I have had two of them. The first was when I went on my first date with BW […]


HGAT Guide to Bangkok

9 mins

GETTING THERE Getting to Bangkok entails a 11.5 hour direct flight from Heathrow via British Airways and Thai Airways. As we were stopping over in Dubai for a few days […]


Royal China, Dubai

2 mins

I have a little secret that I’ve been dying to share with you guys. No, I’m not pregnant, but it’s a restaurant that I’ve kept hidden from you all for far […]


HGAT Guide to Barcelona

6 mins

Growing up, I was never really enticed by Europe. I could only recall a school trip to Amsterdam, and an occasional visit to Brussels with family friends when I was […]


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