Kerb does Alchemy 2017: The Halal

4 mins

KERB does Alchemy: The Halal Want to have one last epic food-filled week before Ramadan comes along? Head down to Kerb does Alchemy at Southbank Centre. Theres an array of street-food […]



2 mins

At the beginning of this year, I lost someone special and very dear to me: my grandfather. I’ll admit that we only became close in the last couple of years, and although he had his faults,


Hankies Cafe

4 mins

Indian restaurants seem to be the “hip” (cringe) thing right now in London. From high end establishments like the fabulous Jamavar to more casual restaurants such as Talli Joes, they […]


Fire and Smoke

4 mins

If you’ve seen the movie Chef and remember the Franklin BBQ brisket scene, you will understand my desire to have a good, authentic bbq experience – halal, of course. If […]

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Halal Girl About Dubai – Slider Station

4 mins

Being a tourist in a country you’ve visited probably 1000 times means you’ve done all the touristy things, again and again. Sand dunes? Check. All 500 malls? Of course. Burj […]


Halal Girl About Dubai – Pantry Café

2 mins

In between the fancypants dinners and lunchtime burgers, I was dying for a something a little more normal, you know? Specifically along the lines of poached eggs, fluffy pancakes, syrupy […]


Halal Girl About Dubai – Nusr-Et

4 mins

Having finally managed to squeeze in one date night on our most recent trip to Dubai, I forcibly encouraged BW to choose somewhere nice. I wanted to be (halal) wined […]


Halal Girl About Dubai – Five Guys

2 mins

This year, London was a little funny, weather wise. The snow decided to be a no-show, the summer was scorching hot (only during Ramadhan though – lucky us), and I […]


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