2 mins

When the first halal Nandos opened in London, I’m not going to lie, I was totally stoked (as were you guys too!). Chicken marinated in all these exciting sauces, and […]



2 mins

A couple of weeks ago, BW and I went out with a few couple friends of ours; AJ2 and EK.  Naturally, we got chatting about food, when they made the most […]

Pilau soho


2 mins

Pilau restaurant has always been on my radar since they first popped up in Fitzrovia. With the promises of creamy butter chicken wraps, mouth-meltingly soft lamb pilau, and frothy mango […]

The Landmark Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel

2 mins

As much as I love breakfast, brunch, lunch, elevenses, and dinner, nothing can beat a good spot of traditional Afternoon Tea. Piling warm scones up high with thick clotted cream […]

HGAT Series


Father’s Day

2 mins

I’ve always felt bad for dads of the families. Whilst mums have two Mother’s Day and can be treated with spa packages, flowers, and afternoon teas, dads tend to get […]


Dubai’s Burger Wars

4 mins

Over the Christmas holidays, BW and I packed our bags and headed off to Dubai. I know, I know, I’ve been frequenting there quite a bit recently and you’ll probably […]

HGAT Travels


HGAT Guide to Barcelona

6 mins

Growing up, I was never really enticed by Europe. I could only recall a school trip to Amsterdam, and an occasional visit to Brussels with family friends when I was […]


Artisani Burgers, Amsterdam

4 mins

Want to know how to win a way into my heart? Presents. Not giving them, obviously, but receiving them. Ripping open the wrapping paper to reveal the gift of your […]


Halal Girl About Dubai – Slider Station

4 mins

Being a tourist in a country you’ve visited probably 1000 times means you’ve done all the touristy things, again and again. Sand dunes? Check. All 500 malls? Of course. Burj […]


Halal Girl About Dubai – Pantry Café

2 mins

In between the fancypants dinners and lunchtime burgers, I was dying for a something a little more normal, you know? Specifically along the lines of poached eggs, fluffy pancakes, syrupy […]


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