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CountryYear VisitedHGAT Travel Guide
Maldives2014HGAT Guide to Maldives
Costa Rica2015Coming soon!
Barcelona, Spain2015+2016HGAT Guide to Barcelona
Phuket, Thailand2016HGAT Guide to Phuket
Nice, France2016HGAT Guide to Nice
Amsterdam, Netherlands2016HGAT Guide to Amsterdam
Bangkok, Thailand2016HGAT Guide to Bangkok
Chiang Mai, Thailand2016HGAT Guide to Chiang Mai
Scarabeo Camp, Morocco2017Scarabeo Camp
Marrakech, Morocco2017HGAT Guide to Marrakech
Paris, France2017HGAT Guide to Paris
Mumbai, India2017Coming soon!
Galle, Sri Lanka2017Coming soon!
Ningxia, China2017HGAT Guide to Ningxia
Dubai, UAEEvery year!Coming soon!
Orlando, Florida2018Coming soon!
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