What We Ate This Week: 07/02/21

Perhaps more boujie than the last few weeks, this week featured beef wellington, truffle burgers, ribeye steaks etc. By golly, all that was missing was the caviar and lobster. But in all honesty, it was definitely one of my favourite food weeks so far with a mind-blowingly good vegan pita and homely East African food that was both thoughtful and delicious.

Next week is going to be DIY kit heavy so stay tuned for ramens, kunefe, Japanese fried chicken buns and more.

The Claridge’s Beef Wellington and Chicken Pie, Claridge’s Hotel

Felt a bit fancy last weekend and ordered home The Claridge’s beef wellington and chicken pie with trimmings for dinner. I may have had a bit of a disaster with the cooking and ended up undercooking the wellington and overcooking the chicken pie – welp. The fillet used in the wellington was incredibly tender, when I did finally manage to cook it right. The mushroom pate wrapped around the beef was interesting and I think would have fared better had the mushrooms been cooked more. Nevertheless, it was a fun and pricey experience.

Available for takeaway and delivery.

Halal Status: Halal must be preordered a few days ahead of when you want to eat your meal. You must state this in the “Order” section when checking out.
Website: https://www.claridges.co.uk/restaurants-bars/claridges-dine-at-home/

The Black Label Truffle Cona Burger, Cona Restaurant 

Cona restaurant in Bradford decided to send over their Black Label Truffle Cona burger kit which rounded off the weekend really nicely! The end result was a delicious and juicy beef burger topped with caramelised onion, aged cheese and  a rich truffle mayonnaise, and all sandwiched in a brioche bun. 

Available for nationwide delivery.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Website: https://conarestaurant.com/butchers-shop/

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The Halal Steak Box, Zelman Meats 

Zelman Meats have been selling their popular steak boxes over the last few months and they have just launched the halal box. The box is incredibly easy to put together and you can have a meal on your table in less than 20 minutes. The best part is that it teaches you how to make a great steak in the comfort of your own kitchen so you may not even miss going out for steak soon! This box makes for a great halal date night at home. 

Available for nationwide delivery.

Halal Status: All the steaks in the halal box are halal.
Website: https://primefeast.co.uk/collections/zelman-box/products/zelman-meats-dinner-for-two-halal

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Falafel Pita, Pockets UK

Pockets was introduced to me via the duo of Bake Street and wow, I am blown away. Think large, steamed and squishy pitas filled with crispy falafel, spicy zhoug, salad, tahini, hummus, and a slice of fried potato for the added crunch factor. The puffy fried pita chips make for a great side too. 

Halal Status: All food served here are vegan
Website: https://www.instagram.com/pockets_uk/


As an East African, I’m always on the hunt for food that I’ve grown up with. Unfortunately, the list of good East African caterers and restaurants is short. Thankfully, Mahamri can be added to the list! This Gujrati-Swahili home delivery service serves up fantastic contemporary dishes like mandazi and barazi, swahili egg curry, cardamom panna cotta, and more. Meals are cooked fresh and delivered every Friday evening just in time for dinner. 

Available for delivery.

Halal Status: All food served by Mahamri is vegetarian.
Website: https://www.mahamri.com/

Spring Onion and Chilli Biang Biang Noodles, Murger Han

As part of the Lunar New Year celebrations, Murger Han are running a few specials. Now, they aren’t halal but they do some killer hand-pulled noodles that are worth ordering. The 12 foot biang biang noodles with spring onion and chilli is particularly memorable; large ribbon-like noodles served with chilli oil and spring onions, and even the tomato and egg sauce version is fantastic.

Available for delivery and takeaway.

Halal Status: This restaurant does not serve halal meat but do have great vegetarian options. 
Website: http://www.murgerhan.com/2019/

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