10 Easy Eid Recipes Using Fridge and Pantry Staples

This year, Eid may seem a little different to usual but in Anisa Cook’s own words:

 “We finally have a Ramadan where we can focus on ourselves, family, and of course Ramadan itself properly”

A sentence that is so true. Instead of receiving millions of cheek kisses from all those aunties and uncles, you can do a quick zoom family chat, spend quality time with members of family living in your household, open your presents, and then get stuck into Eid lunch – the best part in my opinion. 


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I just wanted to pop-up on your feed to say I hope you’re having a lovely Ramadan so far…. And to remind you to stay home, stay safe. Part of this can be done by making the most of Ramadan while you’re at home. As a Muslim Mother & Wife, I want to embrace this new normal in a positive light, let’s take it as an opportunity and think how beneficial it can be for us. We finally have a Ramadan where we can focus on ourselves, family and of course Ramadan itself properly. I want to wish you all a blessed Ramadan and hope you’re enjoying the extra time with your family as much as we are. Stay home, stay safe, stay blessed. Ameen 🙏 ❤️ – #Partner #PhysicalDistancingSpirituallyConnecting #VirtualRamadan #RamadanatHome #AD

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You may feel tempted to quickly visit your parent’s for a good old Eid feast but it is of utmost important to remain at home and in your own households, if living separately. Not only does this keep yourself safe, it keeps your parents and relatives safe, and countless of other lives too. 

“But what about the traditional Eid dishes?!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, here are 10 recipes to give you some Eid-ul-Quarantine inspiration. They all incorporate fridge and pantry staples so no essential supermarket trip is needed and the food is so good, in fact, you won’t even miss Mum’s cooking this year!

So let’s get right to it.


  1. EASY CHICKEN BIRYANI , Halal Girl About Town

When we think of Eid, our minds go straight to biryani. It’s aromatic, comforting, and every single bite is an explosion of flavour. Plus it uses a lot of butter – what’s not to love. But just because we’re socially distancing this Eid, doesn’t mean biryani is off the menu. In fact, we have an easy, no frill chicken biryani recipe just for you that can be ready in less than an hour. 

Tip: It does use a packet mix (which can be delivered to your doorstep tomorrow via Amazon) but this packet mix is astonishingly good. 

For full recipe, click here.


Of course, no Eid is complete without a sweet treat with some chai and these little naan khatai nibbles from Anisa Cooks are the perfect dipping accompaniment. They’re crumbly, buttery, and all sorts of delicious. Plus it incorporates pantry staple items so a supermarket run is not necessary. 

For the full recipe, click here. 


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This lotus biscoff showstopper tiramisu is a fantastic way to make your kids and wife over the Islamic moon. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids involved during Eid preparations – if they don’t eat all the lotus biscuits that is. If you’re on your own, you can reduce the recipe by half and make them into individual portions. 

Tip: If you don’t have any lotus spread or biscuits on hand, pop the order into your next supermarket home delivery as this dessert isn’t just exclusive to Eid. 

For the full recipe, click here


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LOTUS BISCOFF TIRAMISU SHOWSTOPPER🥳 Comment below “OMG thank you hungry Hijabi for the promised tiramisu lotus recipe” 😘 This is most definitely, by far, the best ever no bake dessert I have ever created. Our son turned 5 so the bake had to be epic.🤩 As promised this recipe is yours forever to keep🤓 . 🔸1 cup of black coffee with 2tsp sugar and 1/2tsp cinnamon 🔸500g mascarpone 🔸300g double cream 🔸1 cup sugar or condensed milk 🔸2-3 packs of @lotusbiscoffuk biscuits 🔸chocolate version for decoration 🔸a few to crumble on top 🔸also use biscoff spread for decoration 1. Dip biscuits in coffee and create 3 layers alternating with cream and biscuits. 2. Cream is made using whipped cream, mascarpone and sugar. 3. Garnish with lotus crumbs and chocolate lotus biscoff. 4. Top tip is do not over ship the cream. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hungryhijabi #Tiramisu #Lotus #LotusBiscoff #lotusbiscoffcake #lotusbiscoffcheesecake #lotusbiscofftiramisu #nobake #dessert #iftarrecipe #ramadanrecipe #happybirthday #pudding #mascarponecream #instagramdesserts #ramadan2020 #cinnamon #coffeelovers #lotusrecipe #FamilyRecipe #dessertsofinstagram #dessertporn #lotusbiscuit #showstoppers #doublecream

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Eid lunch in some houses usually starts off with popping some of these spicy chicken pakoras into your mouth. Since you won’t be visiting family this year for Eid due to social distancing, you may just miss out on your pakora fix but not to worry, I’ve got an incredibly easy recipe for you. It takes no more than 15 minutes to put together from start to eating and you can show these off to mum on your next zoom chat. 

For the full recipe, click here


If you’re a complete newbie in the kitchen and are hesitant about not spending this upcoming Eid with family due to lockdown, these chicken and cheese bread rolls are a dream to make. It involves no special ingredients as all of them will be available in your fridge and requires little preparation. You’ll end up with crispy chicken pockets that ooze with cream cheese when eaten. 

For the full recipe, click here


Fancy some fall-off-the-bone nihari with all the trimmings – yes, ginger, chillies, and coriander too – but don’t have a clue where to start? You won’t need to visit mum’s for your fix as a) you’re  keeping her safe by socially distancing and b) you can just follow this simplistic recipe from Cook with Benazir – it will be like having mum in your own kitchen! 

For the full recipe, click here


This recipe solves the century old issue of the open can of mango pulp in the fridge that you haven’t figured out how to finish yet, plus it makes a great Eid dessert for one! All of the ingredients for this easy no-bake cheesecake will be available in your kitchen so you won’t need to pop out the house, and you can order the halal gelatine from Amazon for next day delivery – bonus! 

For the full recipe, click here. 


Going for halwa puri after Eid namaz is perhaps one of the biggest family traditions on Eid, especially for Pakistani families. Since restaurants will be closed due to lockdown, why not stay home and try your hand in making your own halwa puri at home this Eid.  

The Food Fusion Youtube channel has provided a straightforward tutorial to show you how to recreate those delicious puffy puris and sweet halwa in your own kitchen. Just be sure to send a delicious snap to your family whatsapp group.

For the full recipe, click here


Fancy some crisp and succulent leg of lamb this Eid? This leg of lamb recipe is super easy to put together and you can slow roast it on low heat for 8 hours to ensure that the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. 

Don’t shy away if you’re on your own or it’s just a couple of you in your household this Eid, these make for fantastic lamb sandwiches for lunch the next day. You can also opt to use a smaller piece of lamb shoulder or shank for this. 

Tip: Save yourself a trip to the butchers and buy your leg of lamb or lamb shoulder ONLINE from here as they deliver home super speedily! 

For the full recipe, click here


Although your Eid fest is going to be meat heavy, these aubergine, red pepper and potato bhajis are a great way to get your vegetables in. Sarah Ali Choudhry shows us how to put these great vegetarian bites together, step by step, in this foolproof video below. All of the ingredients can be found in your pantry and substitutes can be easily made without needing to run to your local supermarket.   

And there you have it, 10 Eid recipes that you can easily put together in the kitchen, use everyday staple ingredients that you will have on hand, and won’t have you unnecessarily running to the supermarket. 

If you still feel like you won’t be able to hack any of the recipes above, there are several restaurants and food delivery apps offering Eid deliveries. This will save you the post-cooking clean up plus you can guarantee a great meal. Keep an eye out for a post on these restaurants soon. 

Just remember that even though it is Eid, please refrain from visiting your friends and relatives. Stay home, stay safe, and keep them safe too. One Eid gathering missed may save countless lives. Plus, you’ll get to keep more of all of this great and delicious food to yourselves! 

Eid Mubarak! 

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