What We Ate This Week: 24/01/21

This week was a little too heavy on fast food and whilst most of what I ate was good, I’m starting to miss the concept of actually eating in a restaurant. It’s just not the same when it’s delivered home and warmed up in the oven/microwave, is it?.  But let’s not be a negative noorjahan here and be thankful that we are all safe and healthy! 

There are a couple of new face on the list below. One is a super popular American fast food chain that we were perhaps one entire year late too – woops – and the other is an East African BBQ catering service. 2021 seems to be looking good so far!

Disclaimer: Please double check the halal status of any of the restaurants mentioned on the list below as suppliers may have changed since we wrote this post. 

Taste of Lahore

Seeing as going over to Mum’s for a meal is a no-no right now, I am missing some good ol’ desi food. I decided to cheat and place an order from Taste of Lahore for some karahi, roly polys, nihari, and a good palak paneer. The nihari was fantastic: spicy, tender meat, rich gravy, and was perfect to scoop up with some buttered naan. The chicken seekh kebab roly poly was lovely too. 

Available for delivery or takeaway

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. 

Website: https://www.tasteoflahore.co.uk/


Having had a bad experience with a Persian food delivery a few weeks back, we vowed to wait until restaurants were open again before we got our next chelo kebab fix. Fortunately, a family member dropped off a box of koobideh (minced lamb) with rice plus trimmings for our dinner from Behesht and we were really impressed at how well it travelled plus the cheap-as-chips price tag. The koobideh itself was lovely using a good amount of fat to ensure it was juicy and packed with flavour and you better believe that a lot of butter was used in the process. 

Available for takeaway

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. 

Website: https://www.behesht.co.uk/index.php/en/

Good Friend Chicken /Ji Chicken

Good Friend Chicken (known also as Ji Chickens) has always been a winner in our books and has in fact been featured in our Best Halal Fried Chicken in London series! This isn’t just regular fried chicken though, this Taiwanese fried chicken shop pimp theirs up with different seasonings post frying like numbing spice, lemon, garlic, curry, tomato, plum etc so you can mix and match what you fancy. We recommend getting the popcorn chicken and fried chicken skins with plenty of tomato, plum, and chilli powder! 

Available for takeaway or delivery.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Website: https://chinatown.co.uk/en/restaurant/good-friend/ 

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Taco Bell UK

We had heard along the grapevine that the Taco Bell in Colindale was halal (thanks Amirah!) but for some reason, held back from visiting as Colindale wasn’t exactly next door. We ended up making it down to the Harrow branch instead (which is halal too!) and ordered almost one of everything for, you know, research purposes. Sure, it’s fast food but it’s good fast food and is actually better than most halal fast food places we’ve come across! 

Check out our latest post which contains all in the information about which Taco Bells are halal and what to order!

Available for delivery or takeaway. 

Halal Status: Certain branches are serving all halal meat. You can find more information on our recent post.

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King of BBQ

We came across King of BBQ whilst scrolling through instagram and as an East African, it was a must order. We opted for the family platter that feeds 4-5 people which includes 2 whole chickens, chicken niblets, beef mishkaki, lamb chops, chicken wings and four sides, and we also threw in a makai paka (coconut corn) in there too for a grand total of £60 including delivery. Sadly, the chicken was quite plain and whilst barbecued nicely, needed some more oomph and perhaps some lemon for a zing. The lamb chops were great; soft, tender fat, and morish as were the beef mishkaki pieces. 

Available for delivery or takeaway. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingofbbq_/

Stay safe!

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