6 Halal Dishes to Eat This Week | January

It is the start of a new decade and you know what they say, new year, new you. Some of you may be starting a new diet whilst others are starting an anti-diet, who’s judging. Some of you may actually be turning vegan this month for Veganuary and have I got a delicious dish for you! This list has a good mix of both healthy and unhealthy, plus very unhealthy so keep reading. 

There are a couple of places that will be donating money from each special dish sold towards the Australian bushfire so if you can, do make the effort to pop down and give their items a go. Every little helps. 

As always, do double check the halal status of all the places mentioned on this list before you visit as the suppliers may change. 

6 Halal Dishes to Eat This Week | January Edition



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Coqfighter is one of the best fried chicken joints in London and they also happen to serve halal! Whilst their green chilli cheese burger is one of my favourite halal fried chicken burgers in London, they’ve come out with, wait for it, TWICE-fried chicken drumsticks served with a sprinkle of szechuan salt and miso butter gravy on the side. Only available at the Soho branch. 

The bonus is that £2 from every January special sold gets donated to the Red Cross to aid the Australian bushfires. The special consists of a fried chicken burger topped with peach and beet bbq sauce, chipotle mayo, fried shallots, and cheese. 

Halal Status: All chicken served here is halal. No pork but alcohol present. They do serve vodka wings but these are cooked separately at the SOHO branch only.

Website: https://www.coqfighter.com

Address: 75 Beak St, Soho, London W1F 9SS




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Mr Ji Chicken, a Taiwanese chicken joint, opened last month serving baos, humongous fried chicken breasts, and even sweet potato doughnuts – the works. They decided to switch to serving halal chicken very recently which is a win for us! 

Whilst they have an assortment of delicious menu items, you’ll want to check out their big butterflied chicken breast, which is deep-fried and finished with an assortment of powders like plum, chilli, salt and black vinegar, and tom yum too. 

Halal Status: All meat served here is halal. No pork but alcohol present

Website: https://www.instagram.com/mrjirestaurants/

Address: 72 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4UN




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January means Veganuary, but don’t be so quick to pull a face as London serves some of the best vegan dishes! From the vegan burger at KFC – the imposter burger made with faux chicken and fake cheese – to Gregg’s famous vegan sausage roll to Neat Burger’s vegan chicken sandwich, you are spoilt for choice. But if you’re looking for something less deep-fried and more refined, why not check out the vegan ramen from Bone Daddies.

Made using a creamy stock of butternut squash, miso, and mushrooms, the ramen is topped with tofu chunks, spring onion, charred broccoli, chillies, and a butternut squash pickle. If you’re really in the meat mood, try the tantanmen 2 ramen – it is lip smackingly hot.

£1 from each vegan ramen sold will be donated to the Australian bushfires. 

HGAT Review

Halal Status: Chicken is halal but avoid any fried chicken dishes as it is cooked in the same oil as non-halal items. Pork and alcohol present. 

Website: https://www.bonedaddies.com



If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to shed a few pounds or lead a healthy lifestyle, dining out right now may prove to be a little difficult to your waistline. Luckily Hot May Pot Pot are serving a detox set menu for the whole of January which is a teeny tiny 525 calories! 

The meal will start with two small salads of celery with peanut and soya soybean. Then it is time for the fabulous Pot Pat with a vegetable stock base plus a selection of ingredients to poach like seafood and fresh vegetables. Finish the meal with a white fungus dessert, just as light and refreshing as the rest of the menu. 

You can also opt for the a la carte where there is a variety of halal wagyu slices for dipping into any stock of your choice. 

HGAT Review

Halal Status: Chicken and oxtail stocks are halal. Wagyu beef is halal. No pork but alcohol is served

Website: https://www.hotmay.co.uk

Address: 30 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1NJ




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If you’re feeling peckish and work around Borough Market, why not check out Mei Mei for a heart-warming, comforting plate of Hainanese chicken and rice, a typical Singaporean dish. 

The chicken is first poached with a few herbs and spices in a pan and once removed, rice is cooked in the remaining flavoured chicken stock. They’ll serve this up to you fresh and hot with bowls of garlic, chilli sauce, and remaining stock. Feeling cheeky? Opt for the deep-fried version! 

The Kaya toast is also worth an order and how can you resist a thick slab of butter sandwiched between two pieces of toast that have been smothered in coconut jam? I know I can’t. 

Halal Status: Chicken served here is halal. No pork or alcohol present. 


Address: Mei Mei, 16 Borough High St, London SE1 9QG



Philip Juma, the owner of Juma Kitchen, serves up homely Iraqi cuisine at his supper clubs and now has Kubba, a permanent stand in the new Borough Market Kitchen. Kubba (or you may know it as kibbeh) is traditionally made using cracked wheat, onions, and beef or lamb mince, and is the star of the menu over here. 

Opt for an assortment of kubba consisting of potato chap (potato cake with beef mince) , mushroom chap (potato cake with truffle oil and mushrooms), and the kubba haleb (made with cracked wheat and beef mince). This way you get a taste of most of the menu and it won’t break the bank as each one costs £2.90!  

Halal Status: All meat served here is halal. No pork or alcohol present.

Website: http://www.jumakitchen.com

Address: Kubba, 16 Borough High St, London SE1 9QG

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