Who is Halal Girl?
I’m a 27 year old with a degree in Economics, although my real passion is food. I love eating, I love discovering new restaurants & recipes, and I love watching all the cooking shows on TV – shame I can’t actually cook, although I’m learning!

Are you fat?
Something I am told is asked all the time! Thanks guys. I’ll have you know that I do own a pair of running shoes and it was all going well until I had a child.

What is halal?
The term “halal” in Arabic stands for permissible. This doesn’t just apply to food but it is a way of life – Muslims around the world strive to lead a halal lifestyle everyday by obeying the rules of Islam. With regards to food, an animal must be slaughtered in an Islamic fashion for it to be deemed halal, and permissible to eat. And with halal comes haram which means forbidden – this is applicable to any pork or alcoholic items.

Are all your meals free?
I wish! To date, 12 out of my approximately 200-and-something restaurant visits have been by invitation (this will always be disclosed at the end of the review), otherwise it’s BW settling the bill.

Are all the characters real?
All the characters are real, my friends and family. For anonymity, and convenience, I have assigned an alias to each of those that dine with me most frequently. More often than not, I’m with my husband – BW!

How do I contact you?
You can either leave a comment or contact me via the following:
Twitter: Halal_Girl
Facebook: HalalGirl
Instagram: Halal_Girl
Pinterest: Halal_Girl
Email: Hello [at] halalgirlabouttown.com