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As Aadam has grown, there have been some things that have gotten easier and a few things that have become more challenging. Case in example, until a couple of months ago, he would be up every two hours in the night. Now we have him sleeping a solid 12 hours without a peep!

On the other hand, as he has become more mobile, writing blogposts or editing videos for HGAT has become scarce for me as I am constantly chasing him to stop him from climbing the stairs, eating soil, and touching every electrical. But when he goes down for a nap, I’m straight back onto my laptop.

There are also a few things now that are downright impossible like going out for a nice meal. Our dinner date nights played a huge part in our relationship; we would unwind after a long day, forget all our worries, and just spend good quality time together over good food.

Now we’re either whispering over a sleeping baby or swapping the cranky guy between us whilst the other parent eats, both of us eagerly waiting to get out, go home, and pass out. Definitely not my idea of romantic!

A couple of weeks ago, we had had enough. We had not spent any time together nor had we just really chilled out without talking about nurseries, nappies, and sleep training. So we decided to take charge of the situation and come Friday night, put on our nice clothes and put Aadam to sleep for the night; date night was coming to us, baby!

I ordered some halal Wagyu steaks from Tariq Halal the day before and thanks to some handy tips from my chef friends, had a go at cooking them. Abbas worked on the creamy garlic mushrooms, and we had some chips and garlic and chilli broccoli roasting in the oven. The result was shockingly good and better than most halal steak restaurants in London!

Tariq Halal Wagyu Steak

Here is how we did it…

Take the steaks out of the fridge, dab them with a paper towel, and generously season with salt and pepper.


Put a pan on the stove on high heat with a little oil until it becomes smoking hot. The pan is ready for your first steak!

Tariq Halal Wagyu Steaks

Wait 30 seconds before flipping over. Repeat this three more times.

Tariq Halal Wagyu Steaks

Add in a generous knob of butter and flip once more. Feel free to add any herbs and spices into the butter to infuse more flavour – rosemary, garlic, chillies etc.

Tariq Halal Wagyu Steaks

Tip the pan slightly and baste the steak, using a spoon, with all the delicious melted butter.

Take the steak off the pan and leave to rest for 5 minutes, spooning a little more butter on top.

Repeat the same process with the other steak and serve straight away with creamy garlic mushrooms, crispy roasted broccoli, and chips. You’ll achieve that smoky and buttery soft steak that really good steak restaurants serve, for a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home.

We set the table, put our phones away, and just had a good and much needed catch up over delicious steaks and chips – there is no better way!

If you fancy having a date night at home or really just want a good quality and affordable steak? Then head to to order a few halal wagyu steaks for delivery.

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