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Since the massive trend of American-style street food has hit Britain, burgers have played a prevalent role in being the Anna Wintor of the food fashion world. Slowly but surely, Muslims have caught on to the burger craze and have been on the hunt for the filthiest halal burger London has to offer. We’ve begun to drift away from the processed burgers of our standard kebab shops and have been more impressed by places that offer gourmet and fresh meat burgers.

However, the only issue is in fact finding restaurants that specialise in non-frozen pure burgers.  But thanks to this Facebook group, The Best Halal Burger in the World! , I have been kept up-to-date with the halal burgers available to us Londoners – places such as Red Iron burgers.

As of recently, there has been quite a controversy over the best burger in London amongst the group members. Red Iron vs Amigo’s Peri Peri. Naturally, I leaned towards Red Iron’s side out of pure lust for their enormous juicy burgers, but as a food blogger, I have to be open to all options and decided to solve the battle of the burgers going on inside my own head.

I drove down to Ealing to try out the “real halal beef burger joint” that Amigo’s claims to be and I placed my order for a 10 oz burger with pineapple and jalapenos (El-Guapo). My friend, J, ordered half a chicken cooked to a brave-as-hell extra hot.

Let’s get the chicken out of the way before we get to the main act of the show because let’s face it, who orders chicken when you can have a real halal beef burger?


The chicken was definitely of good quality and unlike other fast food joints the chicken retained its juices even when cooked to a BBQ crisp.  The marinade on the chicken had a slight sweet taste with juxtaposing garlic peri peri sauces kicking in, but while expecting a wall of fire to form with every bite of the extra hot chicken, I was surprisingly unclenched.  Maybe my tongue is made of steel or they could have just given the wrong spice level, either way, it was delicious!

Now let’s talk the real deal.

Amigos Burger

The burger I ordered was a hefty manly 10oz beast. I looked at it and gave out a small laugh, proclaiming to my fellow diner, “Hah! I may look like a lady but this will be easy!”  Embarrassingly I spoke too soon and instantly hit a meat wall declaring defeat after just a couple of bites.  What was wrong, this was certainly a first.

This hunk of meat was certainly flavoursome, but it contained little chewy pieces of either cartilage or fat. I’m unsure as to what this was, but I will sadly say that Amigos’ may not use the best cut of meat for their burgers.  The quality of the meat is very easy to tell from the very first bite. I found it fairly disappointing as the flavouring of the burger was prevalent and absolutely delicious.  This is not to say that other diners would not enjoy the burgers, as some I am sure like a really hearty bite-full.

Half Burger

Another disappointment was that I asked for the burger to be cooked to a medium and received a burger that was on the borderline of being cooked to a well-done. In spite of this, the burger still maintained its juiciness and taste.

Juicy Burger

On par with Red Iron? Sadly, no, but a definite close competitor. Amigo’s statement to be “the real halal beef burger joint” is literally true as all burgers in this joint are halal, but it only provides four types of toppings for the beef burgers while Red Iron provides several varieties of toppings to suit your own individual taste. I will not lie; Amigo’s meat itself has more flavour albeit the chewy fat/cartilage pieces, but I truly enjoy eating at Red Iron.

Despite limiting offerings on their burgers, Amigo’s really up their game when it comes to their peri-peri chicken, which is perfect for those who aren’t in the burger mood. Like I’ve said numerous times before, it takes a lot for me to slightly sway my ways to the chicken side, but looks like Amigo’s’ managed to impress me with their chicken offerings! It was a tough one, but I was not convinced enough; Looks like Red Iron has won this round, but there’s no stopping Amigo’s or any other halal burger places from coming up to steal the title of the “Best Halal Burger in London.”  Watch this space!

Check them out on facebook:

    • Anonymous
    • 24/07/2013

    Hi there, there are actually 4 toppings for the burgers:

    El-Guapo (which I believe is the one you tried)

    1. Reply

      Hi, thanks for the clarification – will edit my article 🙂

    • Muttee Ahmad
    • 16/01/2014

    What is their address? I can’t seem to find it online somehow.

    • 13/02/2014

    acton high street oppposite the police station

    • Normsky
    • 30/04/2014

    Have you had more than one burger from there? If not, is it wise to rate the place based on consuming just one burger.

    I’ve never had issues 🙂

    • Umar
    • 05/05/2014

    Standard chicken and burger fare. Nothing special. Environment leaves much to be desired and the chicken was tiny but in all fairness tasty. The beef patty was juicy and I didn’t have any chewy bits but it lacked seasoning.

  1. Reply

    the Texan is sooooo great!

    • wils
    • 18/11/2014

    After reading this blog post I went to check Amigos out. As soon as I entered I noticed it seemed to have more of a ‘takeaway’ feel to it rather than a ‘sit-down’ restaurant. My friend and I wanted to sit in but it has limited seated. What was surprising was the fact that a member of staff was sitting at a table on his break and eating with a friend (who had been sitting on that table but not eating, since we came in). Normal customer service would usually dictate that they offer any seats to customers and check to see if any customers are waiting for seating, but this didn’t seem to be the case. We spotted a table that had become available and asked a member of staff if we could have that table cleared as it was quite dirty. We were told we would have to wait for someone to come over. We stood there for nearly 10 minutes after our food had arrived right in front of the staff member that had agreed to clear the table. As our food was getting cold we decided to leave and just eat in the car. I was utterly unimpressed with the customer service at this establishment after traveling quite a way to visit, my friend even more so as I recommended this place and he was the one driving! As for the burger itself it was mediocre to say the least and similar to the hand-made beef burgers that are now available at many takeaways. It can’t be considered ‘gourmet’ (in either size or taste) if it is being compared to the likes of Red Iron. I hope that my bad experience was a rare one but this isn’t somewhere that I will be recommending to others.

    • Anonymous
    • 06/02/2015

    Failure of any joint is when they think they are better than they are… I agree wholeheartedly with the last poster (wils). Interior is a mess, there is no organisation its basically a free for all, chaos would be an underestimate. I asked one of the workers, if there was a menu and he pointed me to the wall signage. There is inadequate seating – ok so not entirely their fault for having cramped premises, but with how busy they clearly are, surely there is a bit of organisation that would improve the customers experience.

    They dont offer delivery – fine.
    They dont accept web or even telephone orders. I suppose if you were busy enough, why would you if you didnt need to.

    But this goes back to and shows the care for customer experience.

    Soon, someone will open another version and consider the customer and user experience and lo and behold, Amigo’s will notice.

    An example, Meat & Shake in Tooting, fantastic setting, Good food, burgers, steak etc lovely environment, food comes out quickly, staff are very courteous, child friendly etc.

      • John Hyden
      • 07/07/2015

      they are disgusting when it comes to food. there fryer oil is contaminated. they friend chicken fillets for themselves in the fryer and upon questioning they will try to kick you out of the store.

    • Anonymous
    • 02/07/2015

    I think this place has a very casual feel. Don’t expect any amazing décor and outstanding view. its all about the food and food is where the heart is. I have been here many times and it is always so busy and its because its one of a kind. this place has never let me down in taste or presentation. I love the vibe and theme for the food. Amigos over red iron burger all the way!!! Red iron is pretty but the food fails to impress me and I have tried many many burger joints.

    • John Hyden
    • 07/07/2015

    There is food is disgusting, when you ask them for their Halal certificate owner start arguing with customers. their grill staff picked chicken wings from floor and put them back on the grill. worse experience ever .

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