Baked Eggs and Awarma | The Lebanese Bakery | £6.75

There clearly seems to be a trend for Lebanese pizzas on HGAT right now but The Lebanese Bakery stands out amongst the others for some of their unique offerings.  Imported over from Beirut, TLB has found a home tucked away behind Covent Garden and churns out manakish after manakish to their hungry customers.

I decided to go for their all-day breakfast manakish: baked eggs and awarma (lamb confit). They do have other breakfast options available but this one right here is my favourite with their bright orange yolked eggs and tender lamb.

If you do decide to visit TLB, just be wary that they tend to get jampacked during peak times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) so perhaps head there in between those times to get a space! P.S. their aryan is great!

P.S.S. Don’t forget to follow the instagram page (@halalcheapeats) so you can get updates straight away!

Halal Status: All meats are halal and no alcohol served.

Website: The Lebanese Bakery

Address: Drury House, Russell St, Holborn, London WC2B 5HA

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