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Where to find: The Best Halal Burgers in London

Although halal burgers have become somewhat infamous amongst the halal foodie community, there is still something satisfying about the cheesy, meaty, umaminess that a classic burger packs. So, where are the best halal burgers in London? Read below to find some of our favourites!

The Best Halal Burgers in London

Smash Burger, Bake Street, Hackney

Best Halal Burgers in London
Bake Street Smash Burger (2017)

I first tried Feroz’s creation a few years ago at a street food festival and by golly, was this burger gooooood. A smashed patty that had little pockets of melted beef fat that just burst in each bite, all sandwiched in a squishy, buttery brioche bun. The smash burger has changed slightly since 2017 but this incredible burger has a permanent spot on his menu and comes with American cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and fried shallots. Simple but delicious. Be sure to arrive early to avoid the queues!

Order this: Smash Burger. The Nashville Hot Chicken is also a great alternative.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present.
Website: instagram.com/bakestreetldn/
Address: 58 Evering Rd, Lower Clapton, London N16 7SR

halal burgers in london
Credit: Manna

The Hot One, Manna, Oxford Street

Manna, belonging to Feroz Gajia from Bake Street, is a smash burger and fried chicken joint that can be found in the newly-opened Arcade Food Hall on Oxford Street. Sure, you can say it’s the same burger but the addition of the pickled jalapeños, hot oil, creamy manna sauce and double cheese really makes this a special burger that stands out from the 100s of halal smash burgers in town.

Order this: The Hot One, waffle fries, Nashville hot chicken tenders.

Halal Status: All meats served at Manna are halal. No pork but alcohol is present on the premises.
Website: arcadefoodhall.com/eat
Address: Manna, Arcade Food Hall, 103-105 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1DB

halal burgers in london
Credit: Nanny Bill’s

Nanny Bill’s, Various Locations

As a homage to their grandmother, Nanny Bill’s have been selling their hand-pressed burgers to the masses since 2015. A few years back, they introduced halal items to their menu and since then, it has been a cult favourite amongst some of us halalarians! One of the popular items is the hotbox burger which comes with two beef patties, sweet onion jam, jalapeños, cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce. The best part? The pillowy soft seeded bun – a rare one to come across in the land of brioche buns.

Order this: The Hotbox without the bacon or the Dalston Dip.

Halal Status: Beef, brisket and chicken is halal. Be sure to ask the bacon to be removed. Pork and alcohol present.
Website: nannybills.co.uk/
Address: Unit 6, BoxPark, 18 Olympic Way, London, Wembley HA9 0JT

halal burgers in London

Red Iron was the first halal burger joint in the U.K., all the way back in 2012, and perhaps they earned their spot on this list due to nostalgia. Or perhaps because their halal gourmet burgers are still great and going strong 10 years later. Their produce is freshly brought in every morning, and you can’t go wrong with their signature Red Iron Burger.

Order this: Red Iron burger

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present.
Website: redironburgers.co.uk/
Address: 280 High St, Uxbridge UB8 1LQ

halal burgers in london
Credit: Smash n Slide

Original Smash Burger, Smash n Slide, Wembley

There is a certain charm about Smash n Slide. Perhaps it is because they only operate for a few days of the week or that it is a strictly takeaway place meaning you may not be able to wait until home to eat your burger. They offer a classic smashed burger and we suggest you start with the original with a double patty to really have a taste of what all the hype is about! They also offer a gluten free bun now.

Order this: Original Smash burger

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present.
Website: smash-n-slide.square.site/
Address: 14 Alverstone Road Wembley, HA9 9SB

halal burgers in london
Credit: Patty and Bun

Halal Ari Gold, Patty & Bun, Bond Street and Carnaby

Patty & Bun is the go-to burger joint for Londoners, thanks to their extremely juicy, messy burgers, and they have recently started offering halal options at select branches for us hungry Muslims out there! There are no plates here; you’ll be eating your burger in the wrapper it came in – handy to collect all the tasty burger juices in. For you Entourage fans out there, the Ari Gold burger may just be your new favourite halal burger in town! The patty is cooked to medium by default and comes topped with plenty of cheese, pickled onions, lettuce, tomato and the smokey house mayonnaise. Simple yet delicious.

Order this: Halal Ari Gold Burger

Halal Status: Select branches served halal beef, chicken and lamb. Pork and alcohol present.
Website: pattyandbun.co.uk/
Locations: Bond Street and Carnaby

best halal burgers in london

Angus Sliders, The Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge

The Berkeley hotel offers a children’s menu that is so good that you may just reconsider taking the kids out on your next date night out. Their Angus beef sliders have made it into the top halal burgers in London for me – bitesize, juicy beef patties that come sandwiched in mini brioche buns with a simple slice of tomato and lettuce, and of course, cheese. It is the perfect solution if you can’t commit to a whole burger – just don’t forget to bring the kids!

Order This: Angus Beef Sliders

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. Pork and alcohol present.
Website: the-berkeley.co.uk/
Address: The Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge, Wilton Place, SW1X 7RL
Click here for the HGAT review

Do you know of anywhere else that serves the best halal burgers in London? Let us know in the comments below!

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