Product Review: Big Apple Halal Hot Dogs

Finding halal hot dogs in London that are not pumped with preservatives and actually taste good seems to be a task next to impossible. I’m sure we all remember the good ol’ days of ordering a halal hot dog from either the Rollover stand or a random halal restaurant and devouring it down without a thought about who and what goes into those hot dogs. So where could we possibly find a good quality, great tasting halal hot dog?

Big Apple Hot Dogs has always been touted as selling the best hot dogs in Britain so when they made an appearance at the very first Halal Food Festival back in 2013, I was over the moon. Unfortunately, they stopped making them and to this day, I haven’t had a halal hot dog in the UK that has tasted as good.

But all stories have a happy ending! After a few back and forths and me pestering Abiye, he finally has released his halal hot dog range again featuring beef, lamb, and chicken hot dogs.

What makes Big Apple Hot Dogs – or should I say, Big Apple Halal Dogs – any different from other halal hot dogs? First, they don’t use any bulking agents or gluten when making their sausages so you don’t get any of the gross cuts of meat secretly stuffed in there. Secondly, these hot dogs are healthy using low fat meats to make them. Thirdly, they taste good, real gooood.

Made using HMC beef, lamb, and chicken, these halal hot dogs are spiked with chilli, cumin, garlic, and more spices, and then stuffed into mutton casings. All the hot dogs are made in a HMC certified setting so you don’t need to worry about any cross contamination happening with non-halal products.

Click here to order your first batch of Big Apple Halal Hot Dogs


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