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Halal Restaurants Taking Part in EOTHO September

From a restaurant’s owner claiming to be the Roll Royces of restaurants to hitting the staff with slippers, the EOTHO scheme in August was certainly an entertaining one. All jokes aside, it was a great scheme to help out restaurants who suffered massively during COVID-19 whilst encouraging diners to try out a few places they […]

5 halal diy kits in london you have to try

5 Halal DIY Restaurant Meal Kits in London

Tired of cooking and just want to have a restaurant quality meal in your own home? Why not opt for a halal DIY meal kit from one of your favourite restaurants. Many restaurants that serve halal have rolled out with fun kits that you can put together and eat in the comfort of your own […]

8 dessert deliveries in london you can order right now

8 Dessert Deliveries in London You Can Order Right Now

Perhaps the lockdown isn’t too bad after all. You’re eating out less, going for long walks with the family, picking up a new home workout routine; seems like our new year resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle is panning out just fine. 


Where to order Halal Takeaways and Deliveries in London

As dining out has now been stopped, it is still important for us to support our favourite restaurants and make sure they survive through this incredibly tough period. Many of these restaurants, big and small, have now switched to takeaway or delivery, which means you can enjoy a ramen/fried chicken benedict/Malaysian chicken curry in the […]

Zelman Meats Soho Halal

How Halal Restaurants in London are Operating During Coronavirus UK

As Corona-19 unleashes it’s fury on us all, we’ve had to stand back and watch the repercussions all unfold. Our loved ones having to be in isolation due to age or underlying health conditions. The supermarket shelves being depleted by people unnecessarily hoarding, meaning those in need can’t even get their hands on a box […]

The best Broasted halal Fried chicken

The Best Broasted

A few months ago, I read an email from a lovely Fowzia informing me of a Syrian restaurant that I just had to try. Now, I’ve received tons of these messages before, but most have been self-promoting their own or a close family/friend’s restaurant, so I’ve been a little sceptical. But this email was different. […]

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Hot May Pot Pot

Since Aadam has been born, I’ve found it progressively more difficult to take him out to restaurants as he has gotten older. We still do manage to go out but dinner time has become much, much earlier – I’m talking 5/5:30 early – and the type of restaurants have shifted from swanky places to restaurants […]

Zelman Meats Soho Halal

Zelman Meats Soho

Last month, I was kindly invited down to Zelman Meats in Soho to check out their Canadian beef offerings, which of course is all halal! Now, I love steak and have had my fair share of very good and very, very terrible halal steaks, but an excellent steak with all the trimmings would definitely would […]

Karvon uYGHUR


Last year, I wrote about a fantastic little gem hidden away in Walthamstow called Etles Uyghur, just one out of two Uyghur restaurants in London. I’m happy to say that there is a new, and third, Uyghur restaurant in town, Karvon (thanks to my super foodie friend, Feroz, for the tip-off!)! So what exactly in […]



On HGAT, I’ve always gone on about how I love finding hidden halal gems in London. Nowadays,  and although it has been a while since my last find, I have to tell you guys about the best Malaysian restaurant in London, Normah’s Cafe in Queensway market. 

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