Kerb does Alchemy 2017: The Halal

KERB does Alchemy: The Halal Want to have one last epic food-filled week before Ramadan comes along? Head down to Kerb does Alchemy at Southbank Centre. Theres an array of street-food vendors serving up South Asian treats. Of course, I’ve done the hard (and delicious) work for you guys, so read on to find out which […]

Malaysia Fest

Ever since BW and I maxed out on our local Malaysian gem, Satay House, we were constantly on the lookout for something just as good. The problem, however, was that we also happened to over do it with all other Malaysian restaurants that we found; just like overplaying your favourite song on the radio until […]

London Halal Food Festival 2016

A few years ago, right at the beginning of the UK halal food boom, us Muslims were treated to a special event that would introduce us to the different halal foods and products available: the Halal Food Festival! And as enjoyable as the event was (food everywheeere!), it was short-lived and we were told there […]

Halal Food Festival Follow Up!

Running over three days, Imran Kauser and Noman Khawaja managed to pull off London’s first Halal Food Festival! I was invited to the press conference and ribbon cutting to mark the first of many halal food festivals to come; with all smiles, they chopped the ribbon and we all cheered!

The Halal Food Festival

For the first time in London’s history, the Excel centre will be holding London’s very own Halal Food Festival. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the Muslim population grow to over 2.7 million people. This is a whopping potential of halal-eating individuals to cater for. The halal industry has boomed with halal meat […]