Fire and Smoke

If you’ve seen the movie Chef and remember the Franklin BBQ brisket scene, you will understand my desire to have a good, authentic bbq experience – halal, of course. If you haven’t, make a date of it this weekend with the missus, trust me, its good. The way that brisket just slices and oozes with […]


Over the last few years of HGAT, one of the most popular questions asides from “are you fat?” (I’ll leave that to you to decide) and “what does BW stand for?” (I’ll only reveal that once someone has guessed it correctly) is “what are you?”.

Guan Chua’s Nyonya Supper Club

Since I was a young’un, Mum and Dad have always been warning me about ‘stranger danger’, and specifically that even if the stranger offered me the most delicious treat, do not get in his van. Suddenly the internet was born, and it became cautions about ‘online stranger danger’. Fast forward about 15 years, and here I […]

Dining Experiments – Kadiris

BW and I were lucky to be invited to a supper club known as Dining Experiments which was held at a secret location in Chancery Lane. Running late as usual, thanks to me, we made it there in good time – just as the food was about to be served! We made our way to […]