Chicken Tikka Sandwich | Pakka Indian | £5.95

Guest post by @halalcitylife If you like hearty, filling, value for money Indian Street food then look no further than Pakka Indian.  There was one item on the menu that defiantly stuck out for me and that was the chicken tikka sandwich for £5.95. I was expecting a small little grab and go bite, but […]

Etles Uyghur Tugur + Lamb Skewer £10 Halal Cheap Eats

Tugur + Lamb Skewer | Etles Uyghur | £10

Whilst my reviews do focus around North, West, and Central London, I have started making more of an effort to check out East London (don’t worry South, I’m coming for you!). One place that really wowed me was Etles Uyghur in Walthamstow, based on the food from Xinjiang Uyghur. There are numerous ways in which […]