Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries | Good Friend Chicken | £6

I first found Good Friend Chicken 3 years ago and have been a regular ever since (it even featured as one of my best halal fried chicken in London!). Sure, it isn’t good for the thunder thighs but the food at Good Friend Chicken is quick, tasty, and cheap! There is a huge variety of […]

Tugur + Lamb Skewer | Etles Uyghur | £10

Whilst my reviews do focus around North, West, and Central London, I have started making more of an effort to check out East London (don’t worry South, I’m coming for you!). One place that really wowed me was Etles Uyghur in Walthamstow, based on the food from Xinjiang Uyghur. There are numerous ways in which […]

Spinach and Cheese Gozleme | Gozleme House | £2.50

I absolutely love hole in the walls, especially ones that churn out buttery flatbreads stuffed with goodies i.e. gozlemes. You’ll spot Golzeme House by the women sitting by the window, working their magic on the gozlemes;  kneading away at the dough, stuffing them to the brim, and then slapping it onto the pan to fry. […]

Various Manakish | Zeit and Zaatar | up to £10

Zeit and Zaatar is a no-frills Lebanese bakery situated on Uxbridge Road – a halal cheap eats goldmine! You can watch the staff knead the dough and pile the manakish high with toppings, before placing them inside the hot fiery oven. Whilst it might not be the most atmospheric restaurant, the constant aroma of freshly […]

Thai Green Curry and Rice | Fitous | £7.75

Having been to Thailand and eaten very good Thai food, it was next to impossible to find a Thai restaurant in London that is both halal and good. This is where Fitous comes in. The food is definitely at Thai spicy level – it is mindblowingly hot – and better than most of the other […]

Various Pizzas | ICCO | Up to £10

Who likes pizza? Me! Cheese, carbs, and more cheese sounds like a combo made in heaven. Getting good pizza in London is not extortionate but can be more than £10 in most establishments. Luckily, ICCO specialise in thin crust, freshly made pizzas that are a bargain. They are clearly doing something right as they have […]