Halal Cheap eats Damascene Bakery Various Manousheh

Various Manousheh | Damascene Bakery | Up to £10

Another Shepherd’s Bush gem, Damascene Bakery can be found just down the road from Z&Z Bakery! They serve up Lebanese goodies such as manousheh and fatayers, which you can watch the kitchen staff making the dough fresh, before rolling out, adding on the toppings, and putting them straight into the humongous oven. The food here […]

Chicken Tikka Plate Shola Kitchen Halal Cheap Eats

Chicken Tikka Plate | Shola Kitchen | £6.50

It’s natural that we’ll always find our mum’s food to be the best and that theres nothing better than going home for a good meal. Sadly, some of our mums live a little too far away to do that often, plus cooking might not be your cup of tea (it’s definitely not mine!). Thankfully, thats […]

Zeit and Zaatar Various Manakish £10 Halal Cheap Eats

Various Manakish | Zeit and Zaatar | up to £10

Zeit and Zaatar is a no-frills Lebanese bakery situated on Uxbridge Road – a halal cheap eats goldmine! You can watch the staff knead the dough and pile the manakish high with toppings, before placing them inside the hot fiery oven. Whilst it might not be the most atmospheric restaurant, the constant aroma of freshly […]