Product Review: The Ojos Foods

The Ojos Foods is an award-winning, family-run business that has been in operation for over 30 years. So, to say they know a thing or two about what makes good charcuterie meat is an understatement. We’ve also worked with them on several projects before on HGAT and have tried almost every halal product they sell. […]

The Ultimate List of Halal Restaurant DIY Kits in the UK

Are you missing out on your favourite restaurants during the lockdown period and tired of cooking all the same things? Why not order a halal DIY meal kit from one of your favourite restaurants. They’re a bunch of fun to put together especially with your other half or family at home, plus they’re almost 99% […]

Halal Restaurants Taking Part in EOTHO September

From a restaurant’s owner claiming to be the Roll Royces of restaurants to hitting the staff with slippers, the EOTHO scheme in August was certainly an entertaining one. All jokes aside, it was a great scheme to help out restaurants who suffered massively during COVID-19 whilst encouraging diners to try out a few places they […]

Father’s Day Bundles To Order

It may be tradition to treat your dad to dinner out for Father’s Day or you probably crank up the bbq for some good ol’ tandoori chicken and burgers. 

Dessert Deliveries in London You Can Order Right Now

Perhaps the lockdown isn’t too bad after all. You’re eating out less, going for long walks with the family, picking up a new home workout routine; seems like our new year resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle is panning out just fine.  Until HGAT came along with a list of dessert deliveries in London that […]

Where to order Halal Takeaways and Deliveries in London

As dining out has now been stopped, it is still important for us to support our favourite restaurants and make sure they survive through this incredibly tough period. Many of these restaurants, big and small, have now switched to takeaway or delivery, which means you can enjoy a ramen/fried chicken benedict/Malaysian chicken curry in the […]

How Halal Restaurants in London are Operating During Coronavirus UK

As Corona-19 unleashes it’s fury on us all, we’ve had to stand back and watch the repercussions all unfold. Our loved ones having to be in isolation due to age or underlying health conditions. The supermarket shelves being depleted by people unnecessarily hoarding, meaning those in need can’t even get their hands on a box […]

6 Halal Dishes to Eat This Week | March

With the grey skies, indecisive rainfall, and corona virus plaguing the city, chilling in front of the tv with a bowl of popcorn and hot cocoa sounds like the perfect evening. However, there is only  so much long shelf-life food one can eat so I’ve made a list of comfort foods that are worth the […]

6 Halal Dishes to Eat This Week | January

It is the start of a new decade and you know what they say, new year, new you. Some of you may be starting a new diet whilst others are starting an anti-diet, who’s judging. Some of you may actually be turning vegan this month for Veganuary and have I got a delicious dish for […]

Happy 2020!

A few days ago, I turned 28. It also happened to be the beginning of a new decade – crazy! So before I begin, a happy belated new year to you all!