Aadam’s Wild One

What has definitely not felt like a year has passed and Aadam has turned one! To celebrate, we were in between having something chilled out in the park and doing a big shebang. We decided to settle in the middle and with 5 days left until the big day, started to plan!

My (almost) 1 Year Old’s Daily Routine

Being a stay-at-home mum who also happens to work-from-home, I found getting into a good routine quite difficult to start with. As Aadam grew older, we naturally fell into a good rhythm with the odd hiccup here and there (teething, a cold, the works). Fun fact: babies absolutely love routines and want to know what’s […]


Newborn Baby Checklist

Tomorrow, Aadam is going to turn 8 months. Eight whole months old. My mind is blown how quickly time has gone; he’s now crawling, standing, and driving me absolutely bonkers. Even though he is probably now too big to be classified as a newborn, he will always be my little wrinkly button, and so I […]

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag (and what I didn’t need!)

Ah, the hospital bag. Something that should be packed from at least 32 weeks but typical me packed it late, very late! But it’s not my fault, just as I thought I had compiled the perfect list, someone would mention something new or an “essential” that I have to pack and hey ho, I would […]

Newborn Photoshoot with Shaista Lakha Photography

A couple of weeks after Aadam was born, I was scrolling through my photos to find that only a handful of photos had been taken of me and the little guy. Sure, there were a few straight after birth (which I hope do not EVER see the light of day), but otherwise there were photos […]

Hello Halal Baby About Town!

Three months ago, we welcomed a little baby boy into our family. Born at 4:11am on 9th July, 2018; 6 pounds 8 ounces, 21 inches long. His name is Aadam, And we can’t wait to give him the world!