How to Make the Ultimate Halal Charcuterie Board that Your Guests will Love

Have guests coming over and want to organise an appetiser that really stands out? Why not make your own halal charcuterie board piled with delightful goodies. Your guests will love the choose-your-own-culinary-adventure aspect to it, plus you can mix and match the ingredients to please everyone! 

Aadam’s Wild One

What has definitely not felt like a year has passed and Aadam has turned one! To celebrate, we were in between having something chilled out in the park and doing a big shebang. We decided to settle in the middle and with 5 days left until the big day, started to plan!

My (almost) 1 Year Old’s Daily Routine

Being a stay-at-home mum who also happens to work-from-home, I found getting into a good routine quite difficult to start with. As Aadam grew older, we naturally fell into a good rhythm with the odd hiccup here and there (teething, a cold, the works). Fun fact: babies absolutely love routines and want to know what’s […]

Eid Gift Guide 2019

This year, Ramadan has certainly flown by – I mean, Eid is less than 10 days away! I’m sure at this point, you are finalising all your Eid plans; who’s house you are visiting first, which aunty to call first, and even what you’re going to cook. But what about the Eid gifts?!

Refreshing Falooda Recipe

As the weather starts to warm up, the only thing I look forward to after a long day of fasting is a big frothy glass of falooda with ALL the trimmings. Yes, sev, ice cream, lots of rose syrup – the works! 

My Ramadan Routine

This blog post has been written through a paid promotion with Anchor butter Both BW and myself have always had crazy work schedules, with him working until 9pm during the week whilst I’m tapping away on my laptop in the evenings and throughout the weekend too. Clearly, time together is scarce which is why we […]


Newborn Baby Checklist

Tomorrow, Aadam is going to turn 8 months. Eight whole months old. My mind is blown how quickly time has gone; he’s now crawling, standing, and driving me absolutely bonkers. Even though he is probably now too big to be classified as a newborn, he will always be my little wrinkly button, and so I […]

Spa Review: The Claridges Spa

As someone who is always on their phone/laptop, my neck and shoulders are riddled with knots. Add in a baby to the equation and a major lack of sleep, and hey presto, I’m the cranky hunch back of notre dame. Now, im not sure whether it was for my own good or the sake of his sanity, but […]

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag (and what I didn’t need!)

Ah, the hospital bag. Something that should be packed from at least 32 weeks but typical me packed it late, very late! But it’s not my fault, just as I thought I had compiled the perfect list, someone would mention something new or an “essential” that I have to pack and hey ho, I would […]

Newborn Photoshoot with Shaista Lakha Photography

A couple of weeks after Aadam was born, I was scrolling through my photos to find that only a handful of photos had been taken of me and the little guy. Sure, there were a few straight after birth (which I hope do not EVER see the light of day), but otherwise there were photos […]