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How to Make the Ultimate Halal Charcuterie Board that Your Guests will Love

Estimated reading time: 10 mins

Have guests coming over and want to organise an appetiser that really stands out? Why not make your own halal charcuterie board piled with delightful goodies. Your guests will love […]


Refreshing Falooda Recipe

Estimated reading time: 3 mins

As the weather starts to warm up, the only thing I look forward to after a long day of fasting is a big frothy glass of falooda with ALL the […]

Anchor Butter

My Ramadan Routine

Estimated reading time: 5 mins

This blog post has been written through a paid promotion with Anchor butter Both BW and myself have always had crazy work schedules, with him working until 9pm during the […]


Healthy Ramadan Recipes for Iftar and Suhoor

Estimated reading time: 6 mins

As a mum who is STILL trying to shed her baby weight ten months later, I have been making more of an effort to cook healthy but delicious recipes for […]

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