Cilbir – Turkish Eggs Recipe

Take your morning eggs to the next level by making cilbir aka Turkish eggs. No clue what they are? Think soft poached eggs with creamy garlic yoghurt and a good healthy drizzle of chilli butter. Yes, chilli butter. So good that I have it with everything. 

Easy Thai Green Curry in under 30 Minutes!

Today I’m going to show you a quick way to make a deliciously creamy, easy Thai green curry in under 30 minutes and theres even a way you can make this using just 5 ingredients! This curry is also great if you’re planning on meal prepping for the week. 


How to Make the Perfect Halal Steak at Home

I’ve said this numerous times before but if I could choose a last meal, it would 100% be a medium-rare steak with unlimited chips, obviously. Clearly, going out for a good, juicy halal steak isn’t going to happen in the near future so I brought my dream steak dinner home! 

Easy Foolproof Chicken Pilau

For some reason, during this lockdown, I seem to have less time on my hands than I did before. Working from home is never easy, plus throw in the constant running after the little dude, cleaning up his mess, mopping the kitchen floor after his meal times – it’s a war zone here at my […]

Honey Ginger Chicken

Today, I have got the easiest recipe for you: honey ginger chicken. And it can be ready in 30 minutes! 

Easy No Knead Bread

Finding bread in the supermarket right now is proving to be a little tedious. Actually, trips to the supermarket on the whole are proving to be a little tedious.

Juicy Roast Chicken

What is it about a roast chicken dinner that we all love? The crispy potatoes, drowning it all in gravy, the seasoned vegetables – you can’t go wrong with a good roast. But nailing that chicken to make sure it is super tender, juicy, and still flavoursome seems to be the hard part. No one […]

The Ultimate Banana Bread Recipe

I’m a sucker for banana bread, especially in times of comfort – like now! I love it toasted with a slab of butter melting all over it or a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream. I’ll even have it cold straight from the fridge. Heck, even Aadam loves a nibble here and there. 

How to Make the Ultimate Halal Charcuterie Board that Your Guests will Love

Have guests coming over and want to organise an appetiser that really stands out? Why not make your own halal charcuterie board piled with delightful goodies. Your guests will love the choose-your-own-culinary-adventure aspect to it, plus you can mix and match the ingredients to please everyone!  I had my first halal charcuterie board at Cona […]

Refreshing Falooda Recipe

As the weather starts to warm up, the only thing I look forward to after a long day of fasting is a big frothy glass of falooda with ALL the trimmings. Yes, sev, ice cream, lots of rose syrup – the works!