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Chicken Tikka Plate | Shola Kitchen | £6.50

It’s natural that we’ll always find our mum’s food to be the best and that theres nothing better than going home for a good meal. Sadly, some of our mums live a little too far away to do that often, plus cooking might not be your cup of tea (it’s definitely not mine!). Thankfully, thats where Shola Kitchen in White City steps in.

Shola Kitchen’s lunch menu consists of wraps and plates for when you’re on the go. I went for the chicken tikka plate for £6.50 which came with a seasoned chopped salad and a roti too. The chicken was ridiculously juicy and so tender that I was taken aback. It even remained this way when I took it home for dinner! Alternative dishes are the chicken malai for £6.50 and even curries that start from £6.00.

You can find Shola Kitchen in White City, but it is best to type in BBC White City into your maps as it is located next door with its bright yellow signage. Pakistani comfort food at its finest, without all the grease.

P.S. You can follow the instagram page (@halalcheapeats) to get update straight to your phone! 

Halal Status: All meats are halal. No pork but alcohol present.


Address: SHOLA Unit 6 Media Works, Wood Ln, London W12 7FP



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