Dessert DIY Kits To Order Home

So you have your dinner plans sorted thanks to our Ultimate List of Halal Restaurant DIY Kits but what about dessert? Good thing you’re here as we’ve got a great line up of dessert DIY kits that you can order home.

From hot oreo stuffed donuts and ice cream roll ups to giant New York style cookie and cinnamon rolls, you’re bound to find something delicious on this list.

Dessert DIY Kits to Order Home

1.  The Treats Club 

Order this: The Treats Club have been churning out their doughnut creations for a while now and over lockdown, decided to go online and sell their doughnut kits nationwide. We’re talking oreo stuffed doughnuts, biscoff stuffed doughnuts, hot ring doughnuts, marshmallow fluff – what an absolute treat.

Halal Status: All desserts are halal friendly, including the marshmallow fluff.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at an £8 charge. 
Cost: £19.50 for a hot donut DIY kit. 

2. Chin Chin Ice Cream 

Order this: Get your hands on Chin Chin Lab’s liquid nitrogen ice cream, cookie dough kits, and even the new warmie kit from their online store. Delivery is every Friday so will make for a great weekend treat.

Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6.95 charge
Cost: The griddled cookie kit starts from £8.95

3. Doughnut Time

Order this: Have a friend or niece/nephew’s birthday coming up or maybe want to have an indulgent session? Check out Doughnut Time’s DIY kits that range from Cookies n Cream to Caramel Chocolate to the Party Sprinkle kit. 

Delivery: Free nationwide delivery. Weekend delivery costs £2.95. 
Cost: DIY kits start from £22

4. Pan n Ice

Order This: Pan n Ice were loved by the masses thanks to their fun roll up ice creams and now you can try your hand at the ice cream rolls in your own home! The ultimate pack comes with the flat plate to roll the ice creams, plus child-friendly spatulas, ice cream mix, toppings, sauces, tongs and an instruction manual too. This would make for a great children’s birthday present!

Delivery: Free nationwide delivery for orders over £100. £6.99 if under £100. 
Cost: £79.95 for the Ultimate Pan N Ice bundle

5. Blondies Kitchen

Order This: Blondies Kitchen sells some serious cookies and if you were lucky, you were able to cop some of their cereal flavoured milk. Alongside their regular and giant-sized cookies, they are also selling a few DIY kits like the “Stuff it Yo’self” kit or the bake at home hot cookie doughs. The Stuff it Yo’self kit includes raw cookie dough that is ready to be baked plus 3 piping bags filled with nutella, biscoff and kinder bueno cream. 

Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a cost of £6.00
Cost: £24.50 for the Stuff it Yo’self kit

6. Primrose Bakery 

Order This: Primrose Bakery have released 3 DIY kits to keep you busy over the lockdown period: the cupcake decorating kit, rainbow cake DIY kit and the vanilla cupcake DIY kit. The Rainbow Cake DIY kit will have you baking and icing a 5 layer, colourful cake in no time – a great shortcut if you have a birthday coming up in the family and have been assigned baking duties.

Delivery: Nationwide delivery starts from £5.45
Cost: £40 for the Rainbow Cake DIY kit and £45 if you add in the cake tin

7. Crumbs and Doilies 

Order This: You may know Crumbs and Doilies from their humongous New York Levain style cookies, indulgent brownies (cornflake topped brownies, anyone?) and their lovely cupcakes. They’ve switched to DIY kits for the time being and have 11 kits available to purchase from Pinata style cupcakes to a hot chocolate kit. We love the Birthday Cake New York Cookie kit which produces humongous, chewy cookies filled with plenty of sprinkles.

Delivery: Nationwide delivery starting from £5.50. 
Cost: £19.95 for the Birthday Cake cookie kit

8. My Cookie Dough

Order This: My Cookie Dough are selling a range of fun cookie-based desserts like their skillet cookies (an entire skillet that you fill with cookie dough and finish off with the provided toppings), the B.I.Y (Bake It Yourself) cookie doughs and the stackos. Keep it simple and opt for the BIY range if you haven’t had their items before – definitely one for those with a big sweet tooth!

Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £2.50
Cost: The Chocaholics BIY kit costs £22.00

9. GAIL’S Bakery

Order This: We all know making cinnamon rolls from scratch is no easy feat. Make your life easier and roder these ready to bake cinnamon rolls from GAIL’S Bakery. You’ll need to defrost them, leave to rise and then bake them! Once they’re done, a good roll around in some cinnamon sugar and you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh GAIL’S bakery cinnamon bun with a cuppa at home. 

Delivery: Nationwide delivery for £7.00
Cost: £16 for a box of 9 cinnamon rolls

10. Lola’s Cupcakes

Order This: Over lockdown, Lola’s Cupcakes have switched over to decorating kits that you can order home. From entire cakes to cupcakes to mini cupcakes to brownies, they have a range of kits to order from. The Unicorn cupcake decorating kit is a lovely way to keep the kids occupied over the weekend or for their lockdown birthday!

Delivery: Available in London and surrounding areas at a charge.
Cost: The Unicorn Cupcake Kit (6 box) starts at £24.99.

11. Shuk

Order This: Babkas are not an easy recipe to conquer so Shuk have done the hard work for you by creating a chocolate, hazelnut and cookie crumb babka DIY kit. You’ll just need to roll, shape and bake it and you’ll have a fresh, piping hot babka in time for tea! They also have a date and pistachio flavoured babka too.

Delivery: Free nationwide delivery
Cost: £20.00 for the single babka portion and £32.00 for a double portion.

If you’re looking for halal dinner options, check out our Ultimate List of Halal Restaurant DIY Kits in the UK.


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