Eid Menu: Sharing Boards

Planning on hosting an Eid gathering at your house this weekend and want a showstopper of an appetiser or even a fun main meal? A grazing board may just be your answer!

Grazing/sharing boards are great for many reasons: it allows your guests to experiment with different foods, can be relatively easy to put together with little clean up afterwards and you can be 100% flexible in what you want to put on the board.

From halal meat and cheese boards to french toast platters, we’ve rounded up 10 sharing boards that will make your Eid feast or even weekend bbq table pop.

10 Halal Sharing Boards For Your Next Dinner Party

1. Halal Charcuterie Boards

Of course, we’re going to start with our absolute favourite: a halal charcuterie board. These boards feature a range of halal cured meats, complementary cheeses, fruits, nuts, dips, chutneys, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, olives and plenty, plenty more. It really is down to your liking.

For ours, we used halal cured meats from Ojos Foods who source their meats from artisan producers in Spain. We recommend their beef salchicon, chorizo and cured beef (which has won the great taste award!). We also chose to feature an Italian cured meat, the beef pancetta, from Bellavita.co.uk.

For cheese, we like the following: blue, cheddar, brie or camembert, fruit cheese, manchego and goat cheese, but go for any cheese that takes your fancy.

And for the trimmings, we love an array of nuts (which can easily be swapped out if someone has an allergy), a variety of crackers, sliced baguette, olives, sundried tomatoes, stuffed peppers, honeycomb, fig chutney, fruits (grapes, apples, dried apricots, pomegranate etc). The world really is your oyster when it comes to building a halal charcuterie board.

For a more in-depth post on how to put a halal charcuterie board together, read our post here

Credit: Host The Toast

2. Mezze board

Now here is an absolutely beautiful mezze board that would work perfectly on your Eid table this year. You don’t need to go making the hummus from scratch if you’re short for time, just jazz up the supermarket version with a slick of olive oil and paprika or pine nuts. We also love the use of different fresh herbs around the plate like dill, mint, parsley and coriander.

Recipe: https://hostthetoast.com/mezze-party-platter/

Credit: The Baker Mama

3. Kid’s Board

Want the kids to feel involved too this Eid? Why not make them their own board with their favourite items like nutella sandwiches, raisins etc and you can make it as healthy as you like! This board from The Baker Mama really stands out when it comes to sharing platters for children as it is colourful, has all the fun stuff and incorporates healthy items like celery, nuts and fruits in too.

Recipe: PB&J Snackboard from The Baker Mama

Credit: Foodie Crush

4. Chicken Wing Board

This is completely outrageous; outrageously delicious, that is. Opt for a 3-4 different chicken wing flavours – buffalo, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, sweet chilli etc – and pile them up on a large plate with accompanying dips, raw vegetables and a few other trimmings and you are good to go. You can opt to bake, air fry or deep fry your chicken wings.

Recipe: Oven Baked Chicken Wing Platter from Foodie Crush

Credit: Fuss Free Flavours

5. Vegetable Platter

Have you got a huge feast planned and want to serve something lighter as a starter? Opt for a raw vegetable and cheese board with a dip of your choice. We love this vibrant vegetable board from Fuss Free Flavours that you can serve with a ranch greek yoghurt sauce for dunking those vegetables into!

Recipe: https://fussfreeflavours.com/ultimate-crudite-platter/

6. Fajita Board

If fajitas are on the menu, then an epic fajita board is an absolute must do! Unfrounately we do not know the source of the image above but we can help decipher what you’ll need to put such a great board together.

  1. Marinate the chicken or steak in fajita seasoning. Grill and slice up.
  2. Cook the peppers and onions in fajita seasoning until they are soft.
  3. Make pico de gallo with chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, coriander, a squeeze of lime and salt.
  4. Warm up your tortillas just before serving
  5. Serve with soured cream and lime wedges

Credit: Savor Recipes

7. Breakfast Board

This breakfast board is great if you’re living with a big family or have relatives staying over for the weekend. You can go either sweet, savoury, or both with a breakfast board and it’s an easy way to feed everyone!


  • French toast with fruits board
  • Pancake/waffles with fruits/halal turkey bacon and different syrups
  • Bagel with smoked salmon and different flavoured cream cheeses
  • Halwa puri board with all the trimmings

Credit: Country Living

8. Cheese Fondue Board

Melted cheese? Check. Boiled potatoes? Check. Fruit and vegetables? Check. Whether its scorching hot or pouring down with rain (as scheduled for this weekend if you’re in the UK!), a cheese fondue sharing board can really make for a great appetiser or main meal if there are a small group of you!

You’ll just need to sub out the white wine for white grape juice or non-alcoholic white wine in the recipe below!

Recipe: https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/a28068814/three-cheese-fondue-recipe/

9. Crisps and Dips

If you don’t want to fill your guests up too much before the main meal, a crisp and dip board maybe the ideal sharing platter for you. Buy different flavoured and types of crisps (tortilla, crinkle cut, vegetable etc) and a whole range of dips like guacamole, salsa, cheese sauce, hummus and whatever you think will go best!

Recipe: https://reluctantentertainer.com/epic-chips-and-salsa-board/

Credit: With Salt And Pepper

10. Fruit Board

Want to keep things refreshing and light after a big meal? Go for a vibrant and exotic fruit board with a whole array of different fruits and add a sweet greek yoghurt dip in the middle for dunking!

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