Evelyn’s, Manchester

Having had a slightly disastrous first day in Manchester (read this and this), I became a little skeptical about my upcoming booking at Evelyn’s for brunch. I had looked at the menu numerous times, read every review on the internet, and even stalked their instagram profile, but it seemed way too good to be true. Classic Sunday roasts, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and aged steaks? All halal and tasty? Ha, you Londoners out there must think I’m pulling your legs. 

Upon walking in, I was pleasantly taken back at how cute and quaint the place was; potted plants hung from the ceilings, a buzzing open kitchen, and an industrial chicness to it, this was a mipster’s dream cafe.  I was so sure I had walked into the wrong place that I had to double check that this was, in fact, Evenlyn’s and halal!  Once seated, we got ordering.

Duck Salad
Crispy Duck, Sesame, Plum Salad [£7.50]

A refreshing bowl of vibrant greens, beansprouts, and slices of sweet plum, which had been topped with shreds of crispy tender duck. The occasional red chilli added a good bite to the deliciously sweet salad, and this made a great start to the meal ahead of us.

Avocado toast with eggs[ £7.50]
Avocado, eggs, sourdough [ £7.50]

Ha, it wouldn’t be Sunday brunch without some good ol’ avotoast, apparently known as the “Oprah of instagram“!

poached eggs
Soft Poached Eggs

A slice of thick and crusty sourdough toast that had been topped with smashed avocado, squishy cherry tomatoes, a smatter of chopped coriander, and two soft poached eggs.

Korean Chicken
Toasted Roll, Korean Chicken, Fried Egg, Watercress [£8.00]

Crispy fried pieces of chicken thigh topped with a fried egg, vibrant green watercress, and a slick of  of spicy gochujang sauce, all sandwiched in a toasted, seeded roll.

Popped Yolk
Popped Yolk

Oof, the way the egg yolk just bursts and runs all over the crunchy, well-seasoned chicken pieces is all sorts of indulgence, and makes for an enjoyable start to the day.

The total bill amounted to approx. £35 for two people, including drinks and service, so £17.50 each. Sure, we did not order a lot from the menu, but from the snippet we tried, it was evident that a lot of thought had gone into each and every one of their dishes. Evelyn’s food is of good quality and is very, very different to the type of halal food we have in London; I am officially jealous of you Mancunians! I highly recommend you make a visit to this establishment when you’re in Manchester next but don’t forget to book beforehand as it tends to get very busy on the weekends.

Their sister restaurant, Mughli, is supposed to be fantastic and can be found on the curry mile.

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