Father’s Day

I’ve always felt bad for dads of the families. Whilst mums have two Mother’s Day and can be treated with spa packages, flowers, and afternoon teas, dads tend to get stuck with the short end of the stick, as well as the bill. Every year, Dad would always smile at every terrible attempt of mine to make him a home-made present/breakfast/card, and it only occurred to me in the recent years, that perhaps it is easier to treat him with a nice (not-made-by-me) meal. Which is why I’ve decided to compile a short list of my top picks for Father’s Day so you can spoil your Dad the right way! (I know it’s Ramadhan, but these places will be open past Iftar time.)

Cut, 45 Park Lane

Fillet Wagyu
Fillet Wagyu

If your dad is anything like my FIL (who is literally like Uncle Phil), you can’t go wrong with a great piece of steak, so why not treat him to a luxury steak experience at Cut on Park Lane. Sure, it is a little expensive, but really is worth it especially for a special occasion. The food is impeccable, from starters to dessert, and the wagyu rib-eye steak is one of the best I have had. You’re able to request any item from the menu to be halal at least 48 hours in advance, and in the event that you forget, the wagyu steaks are always halal.

The Meat Co, Westfield

Rib Burger
Rib Burger

If you’re not looking to burn a hole in the wallet, the Meat Co is a more affordable option for a good quality meat fix. You’re not just limited at steaks, but they also offer cheeseburgers, smoky beef ribs, and Portuguese-style chicken.

Mahdi Restaurant, Hammersmith

Mixed Grill for two[£26.90]
Mixed Grill for two

Just look at that platter; it is a meat lover’s dream. Mahdi restaurant is a cosy, family-run establishment that serves generous portions of juicy grilled meats and fluffy naan, all in a buzzing atmosphere. The service was quick, and it is the perfect meal to have after a long day of fasting.

Original Lahore, St. John’s Wood

Mixed Grill - Seek Kebab [£______ x2], Lamb Tikka [£ ], Chicken Tikka [£], and Lamb Chops [£]
Mixed Grill

If your dad is anything like my dad, who’s fall back dish is a good ol’ curry, then the original Lahore is perfect. Shaky service aside, the lamb chops are juicy and tender, the curries are deliciously spicy, and the mango lassi is sweet and creamy. They do tend to get quite busy in the evenings so its worth calling up beforehand to reserve a table.

Christopher’s, Covent Garden

Missouri-rubbed Rack of Argyll Hill Lamb [£28.00]
Missouri-rubbed Rack of Argyll Hill Lamb

I was a little stuck for the fifth recommendation, until BW pointed out Christopher’s (although that does seem to be his answer for everything). It’s a quaint American restaurant situated in the cobbled streets of Covent Garden, and is great if you fancy a nice rack of lamb, blackened salmon, or even the most cheesiest mac and cheese (omg!). Do give them a call at least a couple of days in advance to pre-order any halal dishes you require that evening.

Hope this mini-guide helps you out for this weekend!

And a happy Father’s Day to Dad, FIL, and all you other dads out there!

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