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Fatt Pundit

Although I love every meal of the day, I have grown to love lunch the most. It’s usually a quiet and quick affair over here – a tuna sandwich from Pret or a salad from Marks – making a big comparison to France, where lunch consists of 3-5 courses and can last over 2 hours! They don’t consider lunch as refuelling, but more so a time to bond with colleagues or friends and family. Perhaps this should be adopted in the UK, as studies have shown we only take a mere 15-30 minute break and many of us don’t even leave the office!  Fun fact: did you know a good lunch raises your blood sugar levels during the day so you can focus better at work? Seems like lunch isn’t too shabby after all. So before I become the spokesperson for lunch, I’ll tell you about my afternoon meal at Fatt Pundit.

Fatt Pundit, based in the heart of Soho, is the younger and better looking sister restaurant of Bombay Chow in Chiswick, and as it is so close by, I decided to check out their new place for lunch with my friend, FG. Upon walking in, it’s small, cosy, and chic – an ideal place to go for a catch up with friends (or even a casual date).

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The Food at Fatt Pundit

Fatt Pundit
Mix Vegetable Momo [£4.50]
Tofu and shredded vegetables encased in a bright green dumpling skin and served with a sesame seed sauce and a spicy chutney. The tofu was, unfortunately, bland and needed more of an oomph – I guess that’s where the dipping sauces come in.

Fatt Pundit
Beef Momo [£5.50]
My favourite momo out of the two; a ridiculously juicy and well seasoned beef momo, so juicy that when bitten in to, the soup was bursting out. It left me grinning wide with a trickle of beef soup down my top (and they say kids are messy), and I felt the need to order another portion but I didn’t want to fill up just yet.

Fatt Pundit
Crunchy Peppercorn Crab [£9.00]
Soft shell crab that had been dipped in a heavy salt and pepper batter, before being deep-fried and served atop a bed of crispy fried sweetcorn, chillies, and wilted scallions. Whilst I did enjoy the dish, both FG and myself found that it would be instantly forgotten once we left the restaurant.

Fatt Pundit
Lollypop Chicken [£7.00]
3 big and chubby chicken lollipops that had been marinated in a “spicy” sauce and deep fried to a crisp. These were not spicy as such, but were succulent and moreish – Aadam enjoyed chomping down on them too.

fatt pundit
Manchurian Chicken [£8.50]
I was not the biggest fan of the Manchurian chicken dish; the chicken had a slight jelly consistency and the soy flavour was overpowering.

Fatt Pundit
Bing Bread [£3.50]
Layered, doughy bread dotted with scallions. This was too soft for our liking and it seemed slightly undercooked.

Burnt Ginger Rice [£3.50]

Fried rice mixed with crispy burnt ginger. An interesting accompaniment to the food.

Fatt pundit
Mango Shrikhand [£5.00]
An extremely rich and creamy mango yoghurt with crunchy honeycomb and saffron.

The total bill amounted to around £42 for 2 people, excluding service, so approximately £21 each – definitely reasonable given the location of the restaurant and suitable for any occasion. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the food was, and whilst there were a couple of misses, the majority of the dishes we tried were enjoyable and warrant a return. I cannot wait to check out the rest of the menu!

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For Fatt Pundit website, click here.

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