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Having been a food reviewer for now 5 years, it hasn’t been an easy job pulling together five of my  favourite restaurants. These establishments haven’t been handpicked just because their food is utterly delicious, there is a lot more to it than that with each of them offering something unique. So, without further ado, and in order of ranking, my top 5 favourite restaurants for 2017 so far are:

 On my recent trip to Bangkok, I was fortunate enough to have booked a table at Nahm, one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. Unfortunately, due to a horrible cold, I lost most of my taste but I lived the dining experience through trusty BW, and found it to be a fantastic meal. Almost all of the dishes are mindblowingly hot, but the thought and quality that has gone into every bite is evident.

Rohit Ghai’s Jamavar is the best Indian restaurant I have had the pleasure of eating at to this day, and happens to be the home to my favourite dish in London this year, the phenomenal stone bass tikka. The extensive tasting menu is worth splurging on, and you can sit back and relax in the rich, dark interior.

PLAY really excel at all their dishes, most notably, the small buns stuffed with truffle infused cream and topped with slices of delectable wagyu beef – this is absolute indulgence at its best. Not only is the food great, what draws me back is the atmosphere; it’s fun, and full of beautiful people.

Home to the best steak I have had in my life, CUT is truly a memorable dinner. From the moment you walk in, you are whisked off your feet by the wait staff and offered some of the finest beef you will have ever come across. The buttery, tender Japanese wagyu rib-eye at their Dubai restaurant is outrageously good and a once-in-a-lifetime meal I’ll always remember, as is the Australian wagyu in their London branch.

Of course, Cona could not escape this list. The first and only pure halal fine dining restaurant in the UK, this was one of the best halal dining experiences I have had. Not only have they done it well, but they are so passionate about the quality of ingredients that they use. Who can say that they’ve had a halal beef wellington, made with the freshest and best quality ingredients, before? I’ll patiently await the day that they open up in London, but until then, I’ll happily do the long drive up North.

    • Anonymous
    • 19/12/2014

    U love La Petit maison in dubai too sis its soo yummy ♥

    • Anonymous
    • 30/12/2014

    This blog is great! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks!

  1. did you not find sticky wings incredibly salty? they are nice at first but become too much after a while

    1. mmmmmm, I ended up eating the bones clean but I did visit them a while ago now or they could have had an off day!

  2. p.s great blog, I always use it to find new places!

    • Shaz
    • 23/02/2015

    Total waste of time and money at red iron. I went there with my wife and ordered starters with two mains. Didn’t receive the starters and requested a refund. In the end I was accused of eating starters and lying to get my money back. A share £1.95p

    Shocking was all I could think. I left the £1.95 as charity to the company and would never go or recomend anyone to go there. Shocking.

    1. Aw no, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t have a good dining experience – were they really busy when you went? If they were, your starters must have got lost in the rush and they didn’t realise! 🙁

        • Shaz
        • 25/02/2015

        Hey they won’t busy at all. Was just total disappointment.

        Customer service at a all time low. Shocking that a resturent could accuse someone for £1.95.

        I’m sure you wouldn’t get that at SAMs chicken.

        There’s much better restaurants out there then red iron.

        Halal girl. Try out Sand flames in North acton I went there today. A real halal burger experience and amazing customer service. Would love to hear your reviews on that place. I got a meal for two with deserts and was lovely. Try the shisha.

        1. Sams Chicken is a secret guilty pleasure of mine – their chicken strips burger is the bomb with the chilli sauce!!

          Cool, shall add Sand Flames to my list – thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • 24/02/2015

    is the ledbury serving halal food?

    1. If you request in advance, yes.

    • Iqbal
    • 17/03/2015

    We decided to go try out Red Iron Burgers on Saturday night, and I must say it was an excellent decision! Wait time was 30-40 minutes (7:30pm) which is expected on a Saturday night. All of us went for the signature Red Iron Burgers – and they were a hit with everyone. So were the buffalo and bbq wings. Service was great. All in all a lovely night out with the family.

    1. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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