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I’ve decided to jazz things up a little for HGAT this year, including changing the way I do “My Favourites”. As I visit several places a month (maybe weekly is more accurate), my favourite halal restaurants in London tend to change fairly often. Therefore, I’ve decided to update this page quarterly so I can keep you all in the loop! New year, new me! So, without further ado, and in no order of ranking, my top 5 favourite restaurants right now are:

HGAT’s Favourite Halal Restaurants in London (as of 01/19)



To put it simply, Berenjak blows any Persian restaurant in London out of the water and I have been to loads. There is a unique twist to each of the traditional dishes and the kababs are expertly grilled; I highly recommend getting the lamb chenjeh kabab. I feel like this year could be the time for trendy Persian establishments.

Read my review here.

Farzi Cafe 

From the deconstructed wagyu shepherds pie to the shawarma biryani and the browned butter beef marrow to the avocado chaat, the food at Farzi Cafe is fun, fresh, and actually tastes good. Expect Farzi to be jam packed whilst everyone gets a taste of this famous experimental Indian restaurant.


Maybe because it is winter and it is freeeeezing cold in London, but you can’t go wrong with Laksamania, a relatively new Malaysian restaurant in Tottenham Court road. Think a big hearty bowl of noodles in a coconut-based soup with puffed tofus floating around – it is the perfect hug in a bowl. Laksamania only have a handful of halal dishes on the menu (just the chicken is halal), but crikey they really do it well.

Read my review here.



Brigadiers can be likened to the black sheep of the Indian restaurant family. It is far away (in Bank), mysterious, different, and totally delicious. The Afghan lamb canon kebab was beautifully cooked; smoky, juicy pieces of lamb sandwiched between mouth-melting globules of lamb fat. Ah, I’m wiping away a little droplet of saliva just thinking of this. Other fantastic dishes were the meaty lamb chops, various sliders, and wood roast aubergine.

Read my review here.


I am aware I did a best halal fried chicken series just a short few months ago; my waistline was pleading with me to not have anymore. But then I found Coqfighter and goodness, their chicken is just so, so good. Every bite is an explosion of flavours and textures; the chicken thigh’s meaty succulence, the crunchy batter, the melted gooey cheese, and the sharp green chillies – it is a dream combination.

What are your favourite halal restaurants in London? Let me know in the comments below!

    • Anonymous
    • 19/12/2014

    U love La Petit maison in dubai too sis its soo yummy ♥

    • Anonymous
    • 30/12/2014

    This blog is great! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks!

  1. did you not find sticky wings incredibly salty? they are nice at first but become too much after a while

    1. mmmmmm, I ended up eating the bones clean but I did visit them a while ago now or they could have had an off day!

  2. p.s great blog, I always use it to find new places!

    • Shaz
    • 23/02/2015

    Total waste of time and money at red iron. I went there with my wife and ordered starters with two mains. Didn’t receive the starters and requested a refund. In the end I was accused of eating starters and lying to get my money back. A share £1.95p

    Shocking was all I could think. I left the £1.95 as charity to the company and would never go or recomend anyone to go there. Shocking.

    1. Aw no, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t have a good dining experience – were they really busy when you went? If they were, your starters must have got lost in the rush and they didn’t realise! 🙁

        • Shaz
        • 25/02/2015

        Hey they won’t busy at all. Was just total disappointment.

        Customer service at a all time low. Shocking that a resturent could accuse someone for £1.95.

        I’m sure you wouldn’t get that at SAMs chicken.

        There’s much better restaurants out there then red iron.

        Halal girl. Try out Sand flames in North acton I went there today. A real halal burger experience and amazing customer service. Would love to hear your reviews on that place. I got a meal for two with deserts and was lovely. Try the shisha.

        1. Sams Chicken is a secret guilty pleasure of mine – their chicken strips burger is the bomb with the chilli sauce!!

          Cool, shall add Sand Flames to my list – thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • 24/02/2015

    is the ledbury serving halal food?

    1. If you request in advance, yes.

    • Iqbal
    • 17/03/2015

    We decided to go try out Red Iron Burgers on Saturday night, and I must say it was an excellent decision! Wait time was 30-40 minutes (7:30pm) which is expected on a Saturday night. All of us went for the signature Red Iron Burgers – and they were a hit with everyone. So were the buffalo and bbq wings. Service was great. All in all a lovely night out with the family.

    1. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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