Good Friend Chicken

A while ago, I leaked a little secret of mine to you guys in a blog post. What secret?! A deliciously juicy, fried secret to be precise. I wrote about this place as part of my Halal Cheap Eats in London post, but really, these guys deserve a whole post to themselves because they’re that good. Let me introduce you to Good Friend Chicken.

Good Friend Chicken is a Taiwanese fast food chicken shop located in Chinatown. Their specialty is fried chicken and bubble tea. The best part? The buffet of seasonings! You can opt how to flavour your fried chicken from an array of powders (up to 11!) from the simple curry to cheese and even seaweed too. I’ve returned to Good Friend Chicken numerous times and I’m yet to try a different flavour combination upon each visit.

Good Friend Chicken


Good Friend Chicken
Chicken Breast [£6.00]
A large, juicy chicken breast that had been pounded down, dipped in a wheat and rice flour coating, and deep fried till it was a lovely golden crisp. I’m not exaggerating when I say the chicken is the size of my head, all for £6. It may seem steep for just fried chicken, but the quality and the taste is spot on, and I think this is in fact the best fried chicken in London!

Good Friend Chicken
Popcorn Chicken [£3.50]
Little nuggets of fried chicken that we opted to be dusted in tomato and chilli powder. Not the first flavour combination that comes to mind as I usually go for the plum and chilli, but definitely the best one I’ve had so far!

Good Friend Chicken
Volcano Chicken [£6.00]
This is the big momma of Good Friend Chicken; a humongous chicken breast that was folded around a chunk of cheese and deep fried till the cheese becomes nice and oozy. Unfortunately on this visit, they hadn’t fried the chicken long enough for the cheese to get gooey. Mind you, this is extremely heavy so order with caution!

Sweet Potato Wedges (woops, forgot the photo!)

Fried wedges of sweet potato that could have benefited from a little more time in the fryer to become crispy, but was more than made up for by the delicious plum powder I got it coated in (the plum powder is imperative by the way!).

The total bill depends on what and how much you order, but you can expect it to fall under a tenner easily! Good Friend Chicken are soon to be opening another branch in Camden, but until then you can make the journey to Chinatown. Beware, it gets extremely busy at lunch time! 

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