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Thai Green Curry and Rice | Fitous | £7.75

Having been to Thailand and eaten very good Thai food, it was next to impossible to find a Thai restaurant in London that is both halal and good. This is where Fitous comes in. The food is definitely at Thai spicy level – it is mindblowingly hot – and better than most of the other halal Thai counterparts. You can find Fitous tucked behind North Kensington.

The popular Thai green curry with chicken is a steal at £5.95, add in some rice for £1.80, and you have a solid meal at £7.75. Alternatively, you can go for the Ga Prow for £6 but be warned, this is fiery hot with  Thai chillies.

The restaurant is fairly large, as is the menu, and is perfect to visit with a group of friends or family. And whilst it is bare of any decor, the restaurant just has a homely feel to it. Just don’t forget to book a table as it becomes extremely busy in the evening, even during the week.

P.S. You can follow the instagram page (@halalcheapeats) to get update straight to your phone! 

Halal Status | All meats are halal. No pork and alcohol.

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Address | 1-3 Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, London W10 5LL

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