Halal Cheap Eats Part 3

by HGAT | 08/11/2018

It has certainly been a while since I’ve written a series, especially a halal cheap eats one! I’m thinking of making a whole new section on the website to accommodate for all these halal cheap eats, what do you think? If you have any halal cheap eats suggestions that are £10 and below, do let me know in the comments below.




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Super cheesy, super gooey lamb bacon smash burger from @bakestreetldn 👌🏼 #HGAT

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What: A small eatery tucked away in the borough of Hackney. Each dish is made using the highest quality and freshest ingredients, and they serve probably the best halal burger in London (bold claim, I know!).

Order This: The classic Smash Burger [£7.50] is a double burger filled with plenty of cheeese. Tasty, cheesy, and oh so delicious, you cannot miss this! If you want to splurge a little, the fried chicken bene is the ultimate brunch dish.

The Halal: All meats are halal. No pork or alcohol present.

Where: Hackney

HGAT Review: Coming soon! In the mean time, click here



What: This food stall turned restaurant serves award-winning wings, especially for their buffalo chicken wings.

Order This: A portion of Buffalo chicken wings [£8.00] is more than generous for one person. Go with a buddy and you can order two portions.

The Halal: All the meat is halal. No pork but alcohol is present!

Where: Kilburn

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What: Good quality fast food? Yes, it actually exists in Baker Street at a reasonable price too.

Order This: The classic “Straight Up” chicken burger starts from a tiny £5.95, meaning you can get a portion of wings [£2.95] which just about comes up to £8.

The Halal: All chicken is halal. They do have bacon but no cross contamination occurs. Alcohol is present.

Where: Baker Street

HGAT Review: Click here!



What: I’ve never been much of a buffet fan but when I was invited to try out Diwana Bhel Poori’s lunchtime buffets, I was blown away by how great the quality was!

Order this: The buffet options for £6.50

The Halal: It is all vegetarian! No pork but alcohol is present.

Where: Drummond Street, Euston

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Soft pagocha bread filled with cheesy eggs and halal beef bacon from Popina @popinaldn #HGAT

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What: Another popular market stall turned restaurant in Mayfair serving European food. 

Order This: The humongous halal beef bacon and scrambled egg sandwich [£6.50], which is served in a pogacha.

The Halal: Most of the meat is halal, including the beef bacon and turkey ham, however it is best to confirm when you visit. Pork is served, but is cooked and stored separately,

Where: Mayfair

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Etles Uyghur Tugur

What: This is not your usual Chinese establishment that serves aromatic duck, sweet and sour chicken, and crispy beef. More like tripe and ox tongue, but don’t be put off as they also sell hand-pulled noodles and big plate chicken (literally a big plate of chicken and noodles).

Order This: One portion of Tugur a.k.a dumplings stuffed with chopped calf is plenty for one person. Be sure to ask for the chilli oil and vinegar to make it that more delicious.

The Halal: All meats are halal. No pork but BYOB policy

Where: Walthamstow

HGAT Review: Click here.



What: A halal Chinese hole-in-the-wall found hidden amongst all the other non-halal Chinese establishments. I used to be a regular customer many years ago and only returned after more than 10 years this summer!

Order This: The Twin Roast Meat Platter with rice [£7.80] allows you to choose two out of the three available roasts: roast duck, roast chicken, and honey-glazed bbq chicken. The honey-glazed chicken is a must in my books!

The Halal: All meats are halal. No pork or alcohol served.

Where: Queensway

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When you can’t escape the house, bring the restaurant to you 🤱🏽🤪 From @sadaf_restaurant [Sadaf Restaurant] #HGAT

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What: I couldn’t do a halal cheap eats series without including a Persian! Sadaf is located just opposite Alounak and is almost as good, perhaps cheaper too.

Order This: The Chelo Kebab Koobideh will set you back £7.70

The Halal: All meats are halal. No pork or alcohol served here.

Where: Bayswater

HGAT Review: Click here



What: You can’t go wrong with any lahore grill restaurant really, but some are just that smidge better (and cheaper too).

Order This: One whole Tandoori Chicken [£8.00] would be more than enough to fill you up. Otherwise order half [£4.75] with a garlic chilli naan on the side.

The Halal: All meat is halal. No pork but has a BYOB policy.

Where: Eastcote, North London

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What: The famous Singaporean snack shop came to London in June this summer and have now become halal as of two months ago serving aromatic chicken curry puffs and curries too.

Order This: They currently have an all day meal deal for £9.00 that includes a good amount of chicken curry and rice, plus two spring rolls and a drink too. Or three puffs of your choice will still be under £10!

The Halal: All the chicken (which is present in all the dishes) is halal. No pork but alcohol served

Where: Covent Garden

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    • Izzy Ariff
    • 29/11/2018

    My fav Thai cafe du jour is Coconut Thai on Great Suffolk Street in Southwark.

    It’s a small cafe with a few tables and chairs outside [not good in winter] but it’s more for takeaway customers. You can see long queues out of the door sometimes.
    My fav is no 18 with beef; basil and chilli fried rice with beef. So spicy.

      • HGAT
      • 29/11/2018

      oooooo will have to check it out – thanks!

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