As we all know, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Whilst we have an abundance of fancy and expensive restaurants, London is also a melting pot of cheap eateries that are tasty too. From a street food dish to an entire restaurant meal, here are all the halal cheap eats I have come across in London. 

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Thai Green curry and rice Fitous Halal cheap eats

Thai Green Curry and Rice | Fitous | £7.75

Having been to Thailand and eaten very good Thai food, it was next to impossible to find a Thai restaurant in London that is both halal and good. This is where Fitous comes in. The food is definitely
Zeit and Zaatar Various Manakish £10 Halal Cheap Eats

Various Manakish | Zeit and Zaatar | up to £10

Zeit and Zaatar is a no-frills Lebanese bakery situated on Uxbridge Road – a halal cheap eats goldmine! You can watch the staff knead the dough and pile the manakish high with toppings, before p
Etles Uyghur Tugur + Lamb Skewer £10 Halal Cheap Eats

Tugur + Lamb Skewer | Etles Uyghur | £10

Whilst my reviews do focus around North, West, and Central London, I have started making more of an effort to check out East London (don’t worry South, I’m coming for you!). One place that
Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries £6 Good Friend Chicken

Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries | Good Friend Chicken | £6

I first found Good Friend Chicken 3 years ago and have been a regular ever since (it even featured as one of my best halal fried chicken in London!). Sure, it isn’t good for the thunder thighs b
Tukdin Nasi Lemak £7.90 HALAL CHEAP EATS

Nasi Lemak | Tukdin | £7.90

[Photo credit: Posh Broke Bored] Tukdin is a family-owned establishment based in the heart of Paddington, offering Hawker specialties as well as traditional dishes. They have been around since forever

Halal Cheap Eats Part 3

It has certainly been a while since I’ve written a series, especially a halal cheap eats one! I’m thinking of making a whole new section on the website to accommodate for all these halal cheap

10 Halal Cheap Eats Under £10 Part 2

As much as I love London, I slightly balk when I read that we are constantly in the list of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in. At one point, we were even notoriously known to b