Halal Food Hampers For Eid

Looking for a showstopper of an Eid gift to perhaps gift to your boss, treat your relatives or even just spoil yourself? Then you have to check out a halal gift hamper for Eid or even better, a halal food hamper!

What is a hamper?

A gift hamper is a “a collection of food and drink items, usually presented as gifts and sometimes include a hamper basket”.

Why we love them ?

It’s basically the easiest gift to give as everything is packed nicely for you – no mishaps with the wrapping paper – and there are so many goodies in there, there is bound to be at least one item in there that your recipient will appreciate! Plus they’re an absolute delight to open and depending on the hamper, can be packed in a lovely keepsake box or basket that they can use at a later date.

Here are a selection of the Eid Food Hampers that we are loving this Ramadan:

The Best Halal Food Hampers For Eid

The Eid Gift Box, M&S

On top of what they’re offering in store already (halal meat and ready meals, stuffed and chocolate dipped dates and baklavas), M&S are also doing an Eid Gift Box. The large box comes filled with baklava, florentines, dates, nuts, tea and soft eating mangos. You can also opt for the bag version where the food items are packed in a canvas gift bag 

Price: £50 for the box and £30 for the bag

Buy here

Family Food Hamper, Harrods

Harrods are known for their extravagant food hampers which is why we love their Family Food Hamper as an Eid gift. Given the size, this would be ideal for a large family and inside the lovely wicker basket, you will find sweets, popcorn, sweet and savoury biscuits, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, milk chocolate coins and peanut brittle. 

If you’re looking for something smaller, the Traditional Food Hamper is a great choice and comes filled with jam, coffee, tea, fudge, biscuits and chocolate. 

Price: £75 for Traditional Food Hamper and £250 for the Family Hamper

Buy here

Ramadan & Eid Gift Hamper, Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols are now selling their fabulous Ramadan and Eid hamper that come complete with three compartments filled with nut stuffed dates, stuffed dates that are dipped in chocolate and nougat. This is all paired with a tin of Harvey Nichols’ English Breakfast tea. 

They also have their Ramadan Kareem hamper still available which is packed with even more goodies like French sable Ramadan biscuits.

Price: £90 for the Ramadan & Eid Gift Hamper and £150 for the Ramadan Kareem hamper

Buy here

The Harrogate Hamper, Cartwright and Butler   

If you’re a hamper pro, you’ll probably be familiar with the Cartwrigth and Butler products. They have their very own hamper which contains zero alcohol and is suitable for a halal product and it is huuuuuge. You’ll find teas, coffees, a mini cheeseboard with knives (?!), sweet and savoury biscuits, sweets, toffees and jams. 

Price: £250

Buy here

Eid Celebration Hamper, John Lewis & Partners 

John Lewis & Partners have launched their Eid Celebration Hamper as part of their special Eid collection and we absolutely its contents: Turkish delight, fudge, peanut brittle, chocolate cake, honey, dates and more. This comes all packed in a chic gift box. 

Price: £50 

Buy here

Celebration Hamper, Mubarak London

Mubarak London are the OGs when it comes to halal hampers and are selling this fantastic (and humongous) Eid celebration hamper that comes jam packed with 18 full-sized goodies from jalapeno and kaffir flavoured cashews to non-alcoholic bubbly to Bateel date and orange marmalade – it’s a great one for foodies. 

Price: £300

Buy here

Ramadan Eid Hamper, Sahih Gifts

It may be the cheapest hamper on the list but it doesn’t skimp on the quality of its contents. You’ve got a bottle of red sparkling grape juice, dates, cranberry biscuits, chocolate and a chocolate hazelnut spread. 

Price: £36.99

Buy here

Luxury Tuck Box, The British Hamper Company

The British Hamper Company are the default company when it comes to food hampers and pack in some of the best goodies like stroopwaffel, peanut brittle and buttery shortbread biscuits.

Price: £57

Buy here

Eid Deluxe Hamper, Lola’s Cupcakes

For the first time, Lola’s Cupcakes have released an Eid range that we cannot wait to try. They are offering a range of hampers that can be delivered home and will include scones, a bouquet of flowers, Eid themed cupcakes, baklava and even a bottle of non-alcholic bubbly!

Price: £69.99

Buy here

Luxury Open Ramadan Hamper, Maison Samadi London

Maison Samadi have been making luxury chocolate treats since 1872 and have released their range of luxury Eid hampers that come packed with an array of their best goodies. You can expect a box of their French butter Ramadan themed sable biscuits, chocolate covered dates, truffles, nougat and so much more in their Luxury Hamper.

You can get 10% off any of their products using the code RAMADAN10 during checkout.

Price: £375

Buy here

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