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It all started at the beginning of HGAT when I visited London’s first halal gourmet burger joint; I loved it and decided to write up my review. Three years and 30(!) halal burger joints later, my love for gourmet burgers has not changed, but I have to say I have struggled to find somewhere new that has really pushed the boundaries. 

When it came to picking a restaurant in Birmingham, most of the recommendations pointed to Tru Burger, and I must say I was a little hesitant, but took the plunge to see what all the fuss was about. After driving around for what seemed like forever, we finally managed to park, and walked up the road to Tru Burger which was relatively busy! Sitting down, we scanned the menu and waited to order…


Oreo Milkshake [£3.49]
Oreo Milkshake [£3.49]

The frothy oreo milkshake came with a healthy helping of whipped cream on top. Sadly, it was lacklustre, and needed both more oreos and ice cream to make it one of those really dreamy milkshakes.


Sticky Wings [£3.95]
Sticky Wings [£3.95]

I’m pretty sure I was just ranting on about wings a few posts ago, but yet again, BW had his eyes set on my favourite thing on the planet – yay(!) Opting for a mix of six, the BBQ, sweet chilli, and the house hot sauce wings arrived delightfully crisp with a good covering of sauce on each one. These types of small, fried, crunchy wings are my absolute favourite! The sweet chilli was the best of the bunch, with a spicy yet mouthwatering sweet flavouring, the bbq was decent, while the hot wings were maybe a little too spicy for me to enjoy them.


Tru Burger [£7.49]
Tru Burger [£7.49]

Because we were approaching the end of our food-filled weekend, BW and I decided to split a burger, and instead of my usual cheeseburger, the waitress insisted we ordered the house special, especially as it was our first time. I reluctantly agreed. I then asked for it to be cooked to a medium, but once again I was told that this was not allowed due to safety regulations. Grrrrr! Anyways, minor issues aside, the burger arrived with a skin-on fries plus dipping sauce and a dollop of coleslaw on the side. 


First things first, the burger. Slicing in, you could see that it really had been cooked to a well-done with the patty being grey. However, Tru Burger really impressed me; the burger managed to retain most of it’s juicyness and was full of flavour, particularly the smokiness from the grill. The patty had arrived topped with caramelised onions, garlic mayo, house sauce, a mixture of cheeses plus jalapenos; a lot going on yet just the right amount to compliment the patty. The brioche bun managed to hold everything together – good job! Overall it was a pretty good burger.


 The fries were ok, they could have done with a little more time in the fryer, however that didn’t stop me from eating loads of them. The house sauce was a fancy version of burger sauce but a nice, tangy addition to dunk your fries in.

The bill amounted to £17 for two (we shared a burger) including drinks and service. The burger was surprisingly good and their wings were done exactly the way I enjoy them and so I have so say credit definitely due. I was disappointed, however, to see that they had featured every cliche (jam jar for drinks – ugh) from other halal burger joints, but all totally unnecessary as the food really spoke for itself.


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