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Being a tourist in a country you’ve visited probably 1000 times means you’ve done all the touristy things, again and again. Sand dunes? Check. All 500 malls? Of course. Burj Al Arab? That’s so last century. Despite having done absolutely everything, what I can’t say I’ve done is the Burj Khalifa with a full on tour guide, better known as my FIL. Just for the record, like BW, the FIL is a little OCD and didn’t miss a single landmark, even pointing out our house!

Fueling up before the long and tiring elevator ride to the top was essential, so FIL treated us to lunch at Slider Station. A chain brought over from Kuwait, the restaurant has rapidly become one of Dubai’s hottest eateries (so be prepared for a wait) and upon entering the establishment, you can see why. Based on a 1940s American gas station, industrial pipes line the high ceilings, there is a vintage mismatch of both rustic and cozy furniture, and how could I forget their conveyor belt that dishes out the most enticing food. Obviously, Slider Station isn’t your typical restaurant.

Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt

Now let’s get to the food.

Huge menu!
Huge menu!


Nutella Shake [25AED ~ £4.75]
Nutella Shake [25AED ~ £4.75]

Predictably, my eyes shot straight to the nutella shake on the menu. A glass bottle arrived filled with a frothy nutella shake and nutella dripped on the inside – oh la la. Unfortunately, as tasty as the first sip was, it became a little too sweet to drink in one go.


Korean Double Fried Chicken
Korean Double Fried Chicken [65AED ~ £12.35]

A thin chicken breast that had been fried not once, but twice, drizzled in a sweet, sticky honey glaze that had been spiked with Gochujang (spicy paste), and topped with sesame seeds and spring onions – such a mouthful! The chicken had a lovely crunch followed by a great combination of sweet, spicy, and salty to really have fun with your tastebuds.


Truffle Shoestring Fries
Truffle Shoestring Fries [40AED ~ £7.60]

A humongous mountain of fries arrived that had been cooked in truffle oil giving it a lovely pungent flavour, and topped with chopped rosemary. Needless to say, it disappeared quickly!


Peking Duck Handgun
Peking Duck Handgun [50AED x 2 ~ £9.50 each]

Perhaps it was the bright red steamed bun, but I was drawn to this mama instantly. Stuffed with plenty of hoisin-smothered Peking duck, and topped with spring onions shards. The squidgy beetroot bun provided some sort of equaliser for the delectable Peking duck, however the sweetness from the hoisin sauce overpowered the slider. Having said that, this was a really great way to bring Peking duck into the burger game.


Tiger Prawn Handgun
Tiger Prawn Handgun [35 AED x 2 ~ £6.65 each]

Crunchy fried prawn, topped with creamy cabbage and red onion slaw, and sandwich between a black charcoal steamed bun. Just looking at it made me feel delightfully evil! The tiger prawn managed to remain crisp throughout without the batter becoming soggy, and was drizzled in a mango habanero sauce that left a subtly spicy and sweet aftertaste.


Machine Gun [20AED ~ £3.80]

Probably my favourite of the bunch. Maybe it was the crispy, meaty bacon that did it, or it could have been the fried mushrooms, but either way, this was a great burger and my eyes widened upon my first bite. The bun was soft, the patty was mouth-watering, and the additional, uncomplicated condiments added so much to the overall slider. Absolutely delicious and everything I would love in a burger had it been full size.


Mushroom Swiss burger
Mushroom Swiss [20AED x 2 ~ £3.80 each]

A decent and staple burger of Swiss cheese and mushrooms. The nutty Swiss added a nice touch to burger as did the garlic mushrooms, but this failed to stand out.


Decadent spread
Decadent spread


Midnight [20AED x 2 ~ £3.80 each]
Because there were so many burgers on the table, I stupidly forgot to take a snap of this so you may have to use your imagination – sorry! A miniature version of the classic cheese burger. Juicy little patty topped with lettuce, cheese, and a lovely tangy sauce. Maybe a little too simple for some, but straightforward and tasty for me!


Wagyu Cheese Steak
Wagyu Cheese Steak [35AED x 2 ~ £6.65 each]

I was quite underwhelmed by the wagyu steak slider. Thin slices of tender wagyu had been piled high with sauteed onions and peppers, plus melted provolone cheese. As creamy as the cheese was, and soft as the beef was, a little flavouring could have taken this slider a long way.


Fried Chicken Slider
Dangerous Slider [20AED x 2 ~ £3.80]

A deep-fried chicken piece that had been topped with a chimichurri aioli, jalapeno, and cheese, and sandwiched between a squishy beetroot bun. As you bite in, you’re greeted with that heavenly crunch from the moist chicken, followed by the creaminess and slight citrusy of the aioli – yummy!


The total bill amounted to 554AED, including drinks but no service, so £105.20 between four, thus approx. £26.30 each. Yeah, this turned out to be a little more expensive than I had anticipated. Would I say it is worth it? Of course, if you want to try something fun and different! The cute, pocket-sized sliders ranged from decent to outrageously tasty, plus the starters were of great quality. However, when each tiny burger amounts to between £3.80-£10, it may be worth keeping an eye on how much you order so the bill doesn’t rack up. Especially when there are other places that serve bigger and even yummier sliders at £7 for two. 

If you are planning to visit Slider Station, my advice would be to share each slider (like BW and I did) so that you can try out more of the options on their huge menu, such as the sticky maple buffalo shrimp, the coca cola short ribs, or even better, the 16hr smoked wagyu beef ribs *drools*. I’ll be back Slider Station, I’ll be back…

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