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Those who know BW would perhaps describe his accent as confused; of course, as his wife, I think it is really exotic *wiggles eyebrows*. You see, he spent the first eight years of his childhood in Bombay, moved to and grew up in London, worked with a team predominantly made up of South Africans in his first job, before moving to New York for two years, then spending some time in Tokyo, and finally, back to London where he met me yay! Despite all his moving around, Bombay is home in his heart and he carries many fond memories from when he was a kid.

So when we were researching our halal food road trip up North, BW noticed a recommendation for a restaurant in Leicester that took him right back to Mumbai: Kobe Sizzlers. Kobe Sizzlers is a very popular franchise based in India that specializes in sizzlers; a super hot plate topped with either red or white meat that sizzles away alongside chips, vegetables, and noodles/rice. It’s a fun concept that has now been brought over to Leicester and with their famous chilli cheese toast in his mind, BW drove us up there. Unfortunately, BW was saddened to hear that both the London and India menus are different from each other meaning the chilli cheese toast did not exist! Oh dear, we got ordering anyways.


Buffalo Wings [£5.95]
Buffalo Wings [£5.95]

Call me fussy but I’m really particular about my wings – double-jointed wings with feathers hanging around are my worst nightmare! However, BW insisted on ordering some buffalo wings to balance out the meatiness of the meals we had ahead of us, plus he really enjoys them, so I reluctantly agreed. The wings arrived pretty fast, not double-jointed, phew, buuut two of them had little feathers on the edge which was a little off-putting. Leaving those ones for BW, I picked up a normal looking one and upon biting in, I was greeted with a strong masala flavouring! What happened to the familiar tangy, spicy buffalo sauce that the menu promised! That was a shocker. The accompanying blue cheese sauce did not work out either as it was too watery and not cheesy enough!


We opted for a medium-rare fillet to be served with peppercorn sauce, noodles, triple cooked fries, and vegetables. Just check out the sizzle:

Fillet Sizzler [£23.95]
Fillet Sizzler [£23.95]

Unfortunately, the steak was more overcooked than my original order, however, it was tender enough. The peppery sauce was more of a glaze than a sauce, personally I like to smother my steak in sauce, but it was still tasty, perfect for dunking the chips in, and complimented all the other trimmings nicely without being overpowering. I have to say we both really enjoyed the noodles but found the chips got a little soggy though overall, the sizzler was satisfying, a true and utter comfort food!



Sliders [£11.95]
Sliders [£11.95]

How cute are these little guys? Let me introduce you to Kobe’s sliders; the classic, flaming hot and smokey bbq burgers. The patties had sufficient flavouring, but had been overcooked so became a little dry and as you can see, each slider was packed to the maximum with different sauces and little goodies from an aubergine slice to apple slaw, but it meant that these were perhaps the only burgers I have eaten with a fork and knife because it got so messy. My favourite of the three was the classic; a nice and simple miniature version of a cheeseburger.


The total bill amounted to £41 between the two of us, excluding service, so around £20 each which isn’t bad. I wouldn’t go there expecting 5* quality steak, but what they do offer is good comforting food with a bit novelty factor on the side. The service was fine, the food came out pretty fast and the staff were generally helpful.  It wasn’t surprising to see the restaurant becoming packed with youngsters and families (my parents would totally love it) at 5:00pm on a Saturday evening.   


Address: 64-66 London Road, Leicester, Leicestershire LE2 0QD
Parking: Available on surrounding streets or outside the restaurant – pay and display.

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    I’ve just come accross this review today! Ha – I went recently and was overly disappointed, hence no post or review on my page. I did post on their page, I’ll tag you in it.

    • Misbah Khan
    • 01/03/2018

    I luv my steaks…………………………………..Always end up being disappointed .
    KS is a ok place but their steaks are a hit n miss. One week everything on their menu was either burnt or tough to chew.
    Their prices are on the high side…………..So one would expect their food to be consistent………..
    Their most expensive steak arrived on my plate stone cold, asked to have it warmed up , came back still cold..yuk!
    Next time i will ask to speak to the chef in front of everybody.
    Staff are mostly made up of young students who do not have a good understanding of the menu.

    • javed khan
    • 16/03/2019

    Went to Kobe today. Been a few times and service and food was great those times. This time around was different.

    We ordered the starters and mains together. Most of the food was alright. The steaks we ok, I ordered Angus beef sirloin, the mushroom sauce was not great. My wife had bought the various starters along with onion rings, which are good size but lacked any seasoning in the batter.

    Worst part of this experience was the lamb lollipops, they were not good and I had a piece of string in my lamb. I showed this to the waiter who took the plate and either her or the manager decided it was nothing to consider removing the dish from my bill.

    I asked for extra aioli for my chips, which actually tastes good. I got a very small tub of it. Turns out I had paid £1.95 for that tub. When I came to pay the bill I saw this and thought why are you charging me for it when I didn’t know. I told him I didn’t know and he didn’t bat an eyelid. I didn’t pay for tubs of ketchup.

    When you visit a place sometimes there are things you would go back for. It wasn’t service and the only part I really enjoyed was the blueberry daiquiri and the aioli, other then that it’s ok.

    Overall I paid £56 for a meal for 2 at Kobe ans the service was below standard and the food is ok. It wasn’t value for money and with Leicester opening several new restaurants on London road my money would be better spent there.

    Finally they always play the same music everytime. It is bore to the atmosphere which can be noisy.

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