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After walking around the mall to try shed a few thousand Shakeshack calories, we went to the BW headquarters to squeeze in some blog maintenance and wedding invite brainstorming. A couple of hours passed and when I checked the time, I had a heart attack. It was 6:30, dinner was at 8 and my hair was a frizzbomb. What a disaster!

We finally arrived at La Petite Maison around 45 minutes later than our reservation (sorry guys!) and the restaurant was absolutely packed. Luckily, we were still able to keep our table and were seated instantly. La Petite Maison is not just a restaurant situated in Dubai, they have several locations – most notably, London. BW had taken me to the London branch for a date a while ago. The food was unfortunately not halal (however I will make sure to check once again) so we opted for the fish and vegetarian options however we both felt a huge pang of jealousy watching the other customers dig into their steaks or racks of lamb. So naturally, upon visiting the Dubai restaurant, the both of us were super excited to finally sample the different meat options available!

Salade de Haricots Verts au Foie Gras
Warm Green Bean Salad
Warm green beans with cubes of creamy foie gras. Foie gras, is a liver of a goose/duck that has been fattened up with corn or other proteins and it was definitely an experience. Usually when I try different meats, I try to benchmark them on something familiar, for example the pigeon at China Tang could easily have been chicken. The foie gras, however, has a flavour of its own, kind of smoky and when eaten with the right accompaniments, just delicious. For those meat enthusiasts, definitely worth a try.

Burata et Tomates
Burata is a cheese and cream concoction. The inside is all gooey and creamy with a mixture of mozzarella and cream, whilst the outside is mozzarella slightly more firm. It is then served cold with tomato halves, basil leaves, and crusty house bread. As a cheese lover, I really enjoyed this dish and found the texture and flavour far better than others I had tried which tend to be a little more rubbery and missing that subtle milky creamy flavour.

Carpaccio de Boeuf
Slices of raw sirloin, which has been slightly cured, were all piled on top of each other and served with a tangy pickle sauce. This was one of my favourite dishes of the night!

Crevettes Ti’des – l’Huile d’Olive
Warm, halved prawns were served upon a puddle of lemon infused olive oil and crushed black pepper. The prawns were fresh and sweet and didn’t need any extra condiments.

Aubergine Grillee, Mozzarella et Crevettes au Pistou
prawns aubergine
A grilled aubergine with melted mozzarella and plump prawns. This was a different combination – not one that I have had before – but it surprisingly worked!

Risotto aux Champignons
Rich, creamy mushroom risotto cooked slightly al dente, with large pieces of parmesan cheese and soft mushrooms on top.

Rigatoni aux Cepes
Beef Rigatone
Soft, tender beef pieces on a bed of soft pasta tubes with the thinnest and tiniest onion rings ever!

Cotelettes d’Agneau avec Aubergine
Lamb Cutlets
Lamb cutlets are one of my favourite dishes to order at a restaurant. I just can’t get away from a fat, juicy lamb cutlet and Petite Maison did a great job. Their version was a slightly thinner cut but cooked to a very pink medium. It was so soft that it just melted away in your mouth however I found mine slightly salty at first but gradually the saltiness disappeared as the juices in the meat hit my pallet. It was also served with a spoonful of smoky aubergine paste however this did not add much to the lamb cutlets and was barely touched.

Loup De Mer en Croute de Sel
Fresh and flaky sea bass fish topped with tomatoes and strings of artichoke.

Pommes de Terre Gratinees


Crème Brulee
My absolute favourite dessert. A sweet custard base mixed in with vanilla pod seeds and topped with a layer of caramel that has been burnt to the absolute crunchiest crisp. Everyone was already really full up and couldn’t eat much but oh no, not me, especially with this crème brulee – I scraped the bowl completely clean!

The rest of the table absolutely loved this cheesecake and claim it is the best cheesecake they have ever had. A vanilla based cheesecake sliced with a soft, moist biscuit base and served with a berry coulis with chunks of berries and a sprinkle of lime zest.

The total bill amounted to 1550AED which is approx. £55 per head. I would say one of the best things about La Petite Maison is the people watching and in Dubai, its even better. The crowd was younger, trendier, louder, all in all setting the scene for a fun night out rather than just a fine dining experience.

Ratings out of 10
Food: 9
Service: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Total Average Score: 9

Pork/Alcohol: N/Y
Child Friendly: N

Address: Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

    • Rima
    • 29/03/2014

    I love your blog! And I also love how you ate 15 burgers in four days! Lol

    • Sani
    • 29/03/2014

    Dubai has some great culinary treats, been living here 10 years, amongst many other recommendations, you have to try Burger Fuel Burgers and Ravis.

    • A
    • 31/03/2014

    Hi HG,

    Have been following your blog for a while and just had to tell you, this is my favourite review so far!!

    Also, I called up the petite maison in London today after reading this and they confirmed the meat is not halal. But are the seafood options worth a visit?Food looks amazing from the pictures.

    Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

    • Halal Socrates
    • 01/04/2014

    It’s amazing that you only spent 2 days in Dubai and ate so much. Did you go to any other burger places I hear Fatburger and Elevation burger are worth a try too.

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