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I love Chinese food so for once, was ready on time! We arrived at the Le Meridien Hotel which has a huge selection of local restaurants – just like the The Walk! It consists of 18 different restaurants of all types of cuisines and is a short walk around in comparison to the earlier 1.7km Walk! The restaurants in the Le Meridien are in fact smarter and more suitable for a nice and quiet evening meal. The restaurant we were visiting was known as Long Yin. Not a well-known establishment but the food was impeccable – definitely one of the best Chinese I have had.

LY Table
LY Table

Now, I know I’ve put up some awful photos before but this time it really was not my fault. Instead of placing the dishes on the table, they actually served it to us on our plates. I guess that shows how attentive the service is but at the same time means that the pictures won’t be that appealing. Sorry 🙁

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Crunchy spring rolls arrived piping hot to the table, stuffed with crispy vegetables, and spicy sauce to dunk them in to. They were good but not anything special.

Beef Siew Mai
These beef dumplings were unremarkable and needed more flavour for the amount of meat they put into the dumplings.

Salt and Pepper Chicken
Chicken shreds fried in salt and pepper added a large spicy kick to the starters.

Wasabi Prawns
Wow, just wow. Wasabi infused creamy sauce all slathered onto big, plump, fried and crispy prawns.

LY Starters
LY Starters

Crispy Aromatic Duck
Crispy Duck
Crispy duck is one of those dishes that you order without fail at any Asian restaurant. Why? Because it is a simple, no fuss concept, that tastes great. The taste is also consistent within every restaurant however they may make a change or two regarding the condiments such as kimchee with plum sauce. Anyways, Long Yin version uses a different type of pancake – a drier and roti style pancake rather than the usual moist pancakes. I loved them so much I ended up eating THREE whole pancakes. I don’t know what it was. Was it the pancake? The crispy duck shreds with the thin layer of fat that just melts in your mouth? Who knows but I obviously couldn’t have enough.


Yay - Duck Roll Gif!!
Yay – Duck Roll Gif!!

Vietnamese Beef
The beef chunks were dark in colour yet had a subtle sweet undertone to their flavour. The meat was so soft and succulent that you could actually feel the juices whenever you took a bite.

Crispy Chilli Beef
Chilli Beef
One of my favourite Chinese dishes at any halal Chinese Restaurant. Thin shreds of beef are fried to the absolute crunch and covered in a slightly sweet, red sauce that, although being spicy, isn’t unbearably hot. I absolutely loved this!

Live Hammour

Live Hammour
Live Hammour

Hammour is a popular fish amongst the Middle East and is known best as grouper. This white fish was steamed in ginger, spring onions, black bean and chilli sauce! This dish is actually off the menu but can be requested (try do this in advance). You would think that all those flavours would clash but surprisingly, they combined together really well making the fish taste really yummy.

Szechuan Baby Eggplant

Szechuan Baby Eggplant
Szechuan Baby Eggplant

Squishy, hot pieces of Aubergine smothered in a slightly sweet but spicy Szechuan style sauce. Who knew being a vegetarian could be so delightful?

LY Main
LY Main

The above meal is one of the reasons why I love Chinese food. The food was fantastic. It was undoubtedly delicious and I could barely fault anything. The service was a little slow but otherwise the customer was given full attention. The atmosphere was calm, relaxing and serene. It was perfect for a family dinner, a quiet date or even a small birthday party for friends.

The bill amounted to 1468AED which is approx £244 so £40pp. I left the place absolutely stuffed, so full that I didn’t even order dessert (shock horror) and my skirt was on the verge of ripping but I was a happy girl after that meal!

Ratings (Out of 10)
Food: 9
Service: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Total Average Score: 8

Pork/Alcohol: N/Y
Child Friendly: Y

Address: Le Meridien Hotel

We spent the rest of the evening driving around the whole of Dubai admiring the fact that this once-upon-a-time desert has now become full of tall skyscrapers, gigantic malls and barely any sand to be seen. And it suddenly dawned on me that this was my third night out of four before I would have to come back to London and get back to reality.

    • BW
    • 02/04/2014

    Blame BW? Really?! Haha

  1. …LIVE grouper?

  2. Reply

    Check out burger Fuel. Its meant to be awsome.

      • Anonymous
      • 22/05/2014

      Burger Fuel is awesome in NZ…

    • Anonymous
    • 31/01/2015

    Such a shame you tried El Chico! It’s bad because it’s your run-of-the-mill cheap franchise, kind of like Chilli’s. Just stumbled across your blog, btw, and thank you so much, we go to London a lot and it’s nice to know which are the good halal restaurants so we can support them.

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