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by HGAT | 08/01/2015

So you all wanted to know what the best burger in Dubai is right? The place that trumps Fatburger (one of my favourites) and even the widely beloved Shakeshack? Well here it is and I hope you enjoy 🙂

After a long day at the Anantara hotel’s beach with BW’s friends, we were starving. We were on a burger mission and didn’t want to eat until we made it there: Salt. Salt is a relatively new burger food truck that likes to play a game of catch me if you can, and unless you follow them avidly on Instagram or twitter, you can easily lose track of their delicious burgers. However, thanks to my great sleuthing skills, I was able to pin down their location in Kite Beach and we hurriedly made our way there!

Welcome to Salt!
Welcome to Salt!

You can’t miss Salt with it’s two bright silver trucks and a long queue of photo-snapping “Salters” patiently awaiting their turn to order. As you reach the halfway point, you are handed a menu that appears to be simple and to the point: 3 types of burgers, 3 type of fries, and several drinks – this just adds to the torture as you begin to salivate about what seems to be miles away from you.


After placing your order at the first truck, you are handed a buzzer, and move along to the second truck which is the pick-up point.

Pick Up Point
Pick Up Point

Approximately five minutes later, the buzzer goes off and you make your way to the front where the hatch pop opens and *ta-da!* out comes the magical brown paper bag containing all the long awaited goodies you had ordered. You did it – you finally found Salt!

Happy Staff!
Happy Staff!

We sat down in the seating area outside by the sand and ripped open our treasure. In true Halal Girl manner, we had ordered all three burger selections (six burgers!), plus a side of fire fries, and a bottle of water, you know to stay in shape and all. Note that these ‘sliders’ are a little bigger than you expect so beware when ordering!

Salt Feast
Salt Feast
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger AED30

My favourite burger of the bunch. Imagine a combination of an even better Fatburger patty inside an even better Shakeshack bun plus a dollop of liquid cheese and some pickle slices. Salt uses 100% wagyu beef in their patties so when you take a bite, you are greeted with utter juiciness from the melted fat. It also had that delicious salt and peppery crust on the outside providing that ever so subtle crisp in each mouthful. The butter bun was unimaginably squidgy and soft, and was able to withstand all the juices from the burger and the mess from the creamy cheddar cheese. The pickles finally added that great tangy contrast to all the umami flavours going on. Maybe an overstatement to some, but I just really enjoyed this burger the best out of the three, and in fact out of all of Dubai. It was a simple cheeseburger with no added frills – which I love!

Hook Sliders
Hook Sliders AED35

The name is appropriate as I was definitely hooked (ha ha I’m so witty) but asides from my cheesy (soz can’t help it) comments, this was a seriously good burger that incorporated the use of Hook Salt, which isn’t a salt but a mouth-watering secret sauce that contains up to 15 ingredients! Again the patty had that delicious crusty edge and the Hook Salt (sauce) added a creamy, spicy element which made a great accompaniment to the sharp jalapeno slices, but all was cooled down from the velvety cheese.

Cheetos: Chicken AED40
Cheetos: Chicken AED40

A chunk of crispy, fried buttermilk chicken that had been smooshed inside their soft bun but the fun doesn’t stop there, Salt decided to add in cheetos! The chicken patty was then further topped with the most melted cheese possible. The chicken itself was great with little seasoning but this allowed the flavours and textures from the additional condiments to really come through such as the cheesy crunch from the cheetos or the subtle sweetness from the bun. An epic burger that hasn’t been present on any menu elsewhere so kudos to Salt for their creativity.

Fire Fries AED25
Fire Fries AED25

Thin, crispy potato fries that were fried fresh on-site and smothered in that delicious, ooey gooey cheese plus a healthy helping of a creamy chilli sauce. The chilli sauce had a great, subtle, spicy kick to it and was nicely balanced out by the cheese.

The staff are hard working and are able to keep up with the masses of orders being thrown at them, yet do so with a smile. The total bill for six burgers, fries, and a bottle of water amounted to AED 135 which is approximately £24. More expensive than your usual fast food chains however there is a huge difference in price compared to all the famous burger establishments (Shakeshack, Fatburger, Elevation, Burgerfuel) that charge almost £8 for a single burger, plus Salt incorporates wagyu beef into their patties!

I love Salt. I love everything about them – their concept, their food, their cheese, their location – and I can proudly say I am a Salter. The whole experience of Salt really added to the meal. The waiting in line in anticipation of your meal ahead isn’t the only thing that does it for me, it is also the idea of being able to eat your meal on the beach by the water – be it when it is scorching hot or a cool sunset – giving you a sense of serenity.

If you are in Dubai soon, please, please, please be sure to pay them a visit wherever they may be! Well maybe after a little game of #findsalt, but you won’t be disappointed. Aim for the evening so you can catch the sunset but be sure not to be too late otherwise they’ll quickly be sold out!

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Restaurant Details

Address Kite Beach, 2C Street, Umm Suqeim - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Nearest Station
  • 7.5/10
    Food - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Service - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Atmosphere - 8/10


– Halal status on all meats verified by restaurant
– No pork or alcohol present
– This is a child friendly establishment

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  1. Salt is just a complete copy of shake shack with no originality! even the logos and packaging are copied. I despise copycats.

    Plus its over priced for a slider.

    1. Reply

      Similar concept.. maybe, a little pricey for a two sliders… probably, but Salt’s burgers are better tasting in my opinion!

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