Halal Restaurants Showing the Euro 2020

Amidst the pandemic, there is one thing that is certain: the Euro 2020 has been a great yet tense watch! Now that we’ve reach the semi-finals, it means you’ll want to pull out all the stops and head somewhere that serves great food, has a great atmosphere and of course, will be showing the match. So we’ve put together a great list for you as to where you can watch this amazing match and have organised it according to those establishments that serve alcohol and those that don’t.

Booking is absolutely essential so be sure to book one of these places as soon as you read this post! Please do double check the halal status of the restaurant as the suppliers may have changed since this post has been written and please do double check they are showing the match!

Where To Watch The Euro 2020 in London and Eat Halal Food


Credit: Saffron Kitchen

Saffron Kitchen , Leyton

Saffron Kitchen is somewhat of an establishment in East London so it’s no surprise this was one of the most recommended place to watch the Euro 2020 when we asked! The food is generally an Indochinese fusion so you can expect to find chaats, grills, curries and stir-fries! 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No alcohol served.
300 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London, E10 7LD 
Website: https://saffronkitchen.co.uk/ 

Credit: Shisha Lovers

Syon Lounge, Brentford 

Feeling boujie? Why not make a booking at the rooftop lounge – Syon Lounge – for some sushi and football – a combination we’ve never thought of before but it works! We recommend opting for one of their sushi rolls, shrimp tempura and the super juicy lamb chops. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No alcohol served.
Address: Syon Park, Park Road, Brentford
Website: https://www.syonlounge.co.uk/reservations

Credit:Restaurant Guru

Ayat Lounge, Croydon

Looking to have some shisha with your meal? Ayat Lounge may be ideal for you this Wednesday evening. They have classic Lebanese dishes like shawarma and batata harra as well as halal pastas and burgers too! 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No alcohol served. 
Address: 49c S End Croydon, United Kingdom 
Website: http://ayatkitchen.co.uk/menu/

Other halal restaurants that will be showing the match and serve no alcohol: 

→ Mangal, Edgware Road

→ Afters, Tooting

→ Karachi Cuisine, Tooting

→ Colony, Ilford 


Boxpark, Croydon and Shoreditch 

Each Boxpark branch has a humongous seating area inside with plenty of tables and a large screen so that you won’t miss any of the action whether you’re waiting in a queue for food or heading to the washroom. 

The Halal at Shoreditch: Coqfighter, Mercy Burgers, Rudies Jerk Shack

The Halal at Croydon: Coqfighter, Smoky Boys, MeatLiquor (just the chicken is halal), Thai Express UK, Tinseltown, Thela, What the Pita,

Halal Status: Select stands are halal. Alcohol is served. 
Address: Please check their website for more information for each location.
Website: https://www.boxpark.co.uk/

Lahore Karahi, Tooting

Whether England win or lose (blasphemous, I know) the match, you can celebrate or console yourself with a bowl of fresh nihari or haleem at the Lahore Karahi in Tooting who will be showing the match! 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. BYOB policy. 
Address: 1 Tooting High St,Tooting, London, SW17 0SN
Website:  https://www.lahorekarahi.co.uk/menu/


Guanabana, Camden

Pair the exciting match with a great plate of steak and chips in Guanabana or how about their Jerk alfredo pasta or even their beautiful smashed burgers – basically, their whole menu! Booking is an absolute must so be sure to call as soon as you read this to snag your table! 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. BYOB policy. 
Address: 85 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY 
Website: https://www.guanabanarestaurant.com/

Medz Corner , Kensington

The new halal food court, Medz Corner, on Kensington High Street has ample seating, a large screen and an array of halal food stands to order from! You can find burgers, halal pizzas (Adora Pizza is an absolute must!), manakeesh, pan-asian and lots, lots more. 

Halal Status: All the food stands serve halal meat. Alcohol is served.
Address: 62 Kensington High St, London W8 4PE
Website: https://medzcorner.com/

Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden

You can find the Seven Dials Market just off Seven Dials in Covent Garden. They’ll be showing all the matches over here on their large tv and have a couple of good halal options in the market serving halal bbq food and great halal fried chicken. They also have a fantastic seafood joint and pizza too.

The Halal: Smoke & Bones, El Pollote, Treats Club Coffee and Doughnuts. 

Halal Status: Select food stands are halal. Alcohol is served.
Address: 35 Earlham Street London, WC2H 9LD
Website: https://www.sevendials.co.uk/whats-on/watch-euro-2020-at-seven-dials-market/ 

Other places that serve halal food and will be showing the match where alcohol is present:

→ The Banc – All meats served are halal – Alcohol served 

→ Tiger Bay – All meats served are halal – Alcohol served

→ Comptoir Libanais – All meats served are halal – Alcohol served 

→ Kenza – All meats served are halal – Alcohol served

→ Brigadiers, Bank – Chicken and lamb is halal – Alcohol served

→ Mia Lounge – Alcohol served

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