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Since having started this brunch series, I’ve wanted to try appeal to a variety of cuisines. So far I’ve had American, Caribbean, and now it’s time to try some good old middle eastern breakfast. I was drooling over the idea of flaky pastries, eggs doused in sumac powder, and some good juicy sujok. Having researched online for some good Lebanese breakfast establishments, I came across a handful yet only one really stood out for having the most interesting dishes and choices available for our palate – Comptoir Libanais.

I woke up bright and early, walked past all the pretty Christmas lights, and found myself on Broadwick Street. I sat down in the near empty restaurant, got cozy, and had a look at the menu. Uh-oh something was off, the menu was relatively different to the one I had seen online! The meal I had planned to have did not exist meaning I had to find something new to satisfy my sujok cravings!

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
There’s nothing more breakfast-y than a nice, sweet and refreshing glass of orange juice which Comptoir delivered.

Egg Tortilla w/ Sujok, Onion, Tomatoes, & Potatoes
November Blogs 114
It was not aesthetically pleasing nor was the salad. Something was nagging at me that this had not been freshly prepared. But with all the morning goodies of sujok, spinach, eggs, potatoes, and tomatoes, I dug in and sadly to say, I didn’t enjoy it. The egg base was almost mushy with a weird texture, and all the components together didn’t add much flavour. The potatoes and tomatoes were soggy, and it just really didn’t work for me.

Halloumi and Za’atar Croissant
November Blogs 117
They had run out of croissants (at 11am on a Wednesday) but the really nice waiter was able to offer me a freshly baked croissant if I waited a few minutes. The croissant was fresh, buttery, and flaky, and stuffed with large chunks of halloumi. However, I had to make a long trip home so got the croissant to go. When home, I slightly warmed it in the microwave and sat down to eat. I didn’t taste much of the za’atar, which is a shame because it really adds a nice aromatic flavour, but the salty halloumi was good enough for me anyways!

The total bill amounted to approximately £14 including service so was cheap as pita chips! But, unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of their breakfast offerings – the full Lebanese that they had offered online seemed a lot more of a tastier option than the egg tortilla but I couldn’t see it on the menu! Have any of you readers visited Comptoir and had similar experiences?

Anyways, don’t forget about the yummy competition running right now – its still not too late to enter! Please see details below!

Halal status verified by restaurant

Ratings out of 5:
Food: 2
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Pork/Alcohol: N/Y
Child Friendly: Y

Website: www.lecomptoir.co.uk/

As I will be visiting five brunch places, the lucky winner will get an opportunity to win a £50 prepaid meal to take their other half, best friend, mum etc, at one of the five and whichever one of the five you like most!

All you have to do is answer this super simple question and you will be entered into the draw!

So are you all ready?

In the UK, what name is used for the strips of bread used to dip into half-boiled eggs?

Leave your answer, name, and email address in the comment section below and I will pick one lucky winner at random. As well as leaving a comment, liking this post on the facebook page, retweeting this link on twitter with #HGAT, or posting this page on instagram tagged @halal_girl or #HGAT, will get you an extra entry! The competition closes on Tuesday 2ndDecember at 5pm and the winner will be announced on December 7th!

Be sure to share with your friends on facebook, twitter and Instagram!

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions
Please let me know when you would like to dine at the restaurant of your choice out of the 5 so I am able to book this meal for you. The pre-paid value of £50 can be used for any item from the brunch menu and will be taken off the final total. It is non-transferable and cannot be substituted for cash.

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