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Shakeshack, Dubai

As much as I enjoyed writing about my honeymoon, I know why you’re all reallllly here. You saw that I mentioned Shakeshack in a previous post and were eagerly waiting for this! Well, I don’t like

Maldives, Part 3

DAY SEVEN We decided to be a little cultural and took a boat trip to the capital so we could check out the huge mosques, colourful markets, and streets packed with little souvenir shops.

Maldives, Part 2

DAY FOUR This was one of the busiest days we had on our Maldives honeymoon considering we were supposed to be relaxing, but what’s the fun in staying in your room the whole day when you have paradis

Maldives, Part 1

DAY 1 Finally, the day of our omg-so-amazing honeymoon had come, and just before we set off, I decided to go home to say one last goodbye before I officially left the house as a married woman. Unfortu