HGAT x Charity Right: Food Fridays

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Fridays, Fridays, Fridays. What is it about Fridays that make it the best day of the week?

Firstly, it is the start of the weekend! You can afford to stay awake late watching movies or hanging out with friends without dreading the early alarm the next morning. That is, unless you have kids.

Secondly, payday! All your month’s hard work gets you paid on the last Friday of each month.

Thirdly, it is the day of Jummah. The day that you can unite with your community as one and pray together.

Which leads us to our last and most important point: it is Food Fridays!

Food Fridays is a new initiative by Charity Right where you can schedule your donations every Friday to ensure vulnerable children around the world will be supplied with a hot school meal. But it’s much more than that. By providing a child with a school meal, it incentivises the child to attend school and focus in class as they will not be hungry anymore. The bright future they are promised by attending school starts to become more of a reality for these fed children.

Credit: Charity Right

So, why Fridays? Well, it is based on the hadith that any charity given on the day of Jummah reaps the most rewards out of any day of the week. It is similar in superiority to giving charity during the month of Ramadhan.

It seemed fitting to partner up with Charity Right for their Food Friday initiative. We really like that Charity Right’s aim is to go above and beyond just providing a hot meal for a child, but to strive to give them a better and promising future ahead. We also like that the weekly donation is easy to set up.

How to Donate:
1. Head to www.charityright.org.uk/foodfridays
2. Schedule your weekly donation of £1, £5, or £10
3. Press “Donate”

And you’re done – at a click of a button, a vulnerable child will be fed a hot meal and given the potential to have a promising future ahead of them. Now you can sit back, relax, and let those rewards roll in every Friday.

Schedule your donation today at www.charityright.org.uk/foodfridays

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