Indian Street Kitchen

How many times have you guys visited a street food market and found that the only halal option available to us are Indian/Pakistani/Middle Eastern stalls serving kebab rolls? Sigh, this has happened to me at least 10 times, with the exception of Makatcha and Motherclucker. And even though I refuse to buy anything, I’ll somehow end up leaving with an overpriced shish wrap/chicken tikka roll/seekh kebab roti and feeling disappointed. However, things have changed since Indian Street Kitchen entered the scene

Indian Street Kitchn is run by a lovely couple, Suj and Sid. They take pride in serving Indian food with a twist and it’s actually tasty. Check it out:

Indian Street Kitchen
The Raan Burger [£8.00]

A buttery brioche roll stuffed with slow-cooked lamb, sour cream sauce, and rocket. I first had this at the KERB does Alchemy festival and wow, I was taken aback at how soft and mouth-melting the lamb was. The accompanying sour cream had been mixed with wasabi and green chilli helping to cut through the richness of the aromatically spiced pulled lamb.

Indian Street Kitchen
Malai Chicken Tikka Taco [£8.00]

Blue corn tortillas (gluten free FYI) that were filled to the brim with tender malai chicken pieces, garlic and coriander sauce, jalapeños, and finished with crispy fried onions. The malai (yoghurt) chicken was tasty; a nice char coming in from the tandoor to add a lovely smokiness, but I would have liked more of a kick. I guess that came in from the coriander sauce and fresh jalapeños. The crispy onions finished the tacos off nicely, adding a great crunch and slight sweetness to the chicken.

Indian Street Kitchen is a breath of fresh air and really stands out amongst other Indian/Pakistani street food vendors in the market that serve up your usual kebab rolls. Sure some of their offerings fall on the pricier side, but you’re paying for good quality meat that tastes fantastic. I’m yet to try some of their other exciting offerings: dhaba cheese steak (oh my god, I need this in my life!) and the desi take on a quesadilla (desi quesi), but these items are on rotation sadly!

You can find them on rotation at KERB or at other popular market spots.

Follow them on Instagram here.

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