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Okay so over the last few weeks I’ve been looking up a so-called “halal nail polish” better known as Inglots O2M Nail Enamel. Apparently, Muslim women have been going nuts after this and keep buying out all available stock.  Although this nail varnish has been available for the past few years, there has been a sudden awakening and desire for it amongst us Muslim women and the ever rapidly growing interest in this product has made it impossible to keep in stock.  Thanks to a certain sister of mine, I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle or two (more like 5) after failing at my extensive searching.  I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

Nail Stack

Why is this nail polish so popular I hear you ask?

Well, when a woman performs wudhu (the act of washing before prayers) the water must reach every surface of the required parts of her body i.e. her arms, hands, fingers, AND nails.  Nail polish is known to create a barrier between the nail bed and the water droplets hence many Muslim women will only wear nail polish during their menses when they are pardoned from the daily prayers.

But with the introduction of a breathable nail polish that allows moisture to reach the nail surface, and with thanks to its late inventor, Wojciech Inglot, it is now possible for the women of Islam to wear nail polish in every hue of the rainbow.

Colour Pops

Mustafa Umar, a Muslim scholar, has written an article in depth about this specific nail enamel. One of his students carried out an experiment where she painted a section of a coffee filter with normal nail polish and another section with O2M.  She then placed another coffee filter paper underneath the first and proceeded to put a droplet of water on each nail varnish splodge. Turns out that the water in fact seeped through both coffee filters for the O2M nail varnish but didn’t even penetrate through the normal nail polish to the back of the first coffee filter. You can read his full article here.

Religion aside, Inglot wanted to produce a healthier version of nail polish in comparison to most high-street brands that contain substances, which can be considered harmful to us.

Let’s have a tiny chemistry lesson…
Regular nail varnish consists of 3 main toxic products, known as the “toxic trio”:
1// Toluene – an irritant to the skin, eyes, throat and lungs. It may also be harmful to an unborn child and can cause damage to the nervous system.
2// Formaldehyde – a substance used to preserve dead bodies (nice!) and is known to be a human carcinogen.
3// Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – a toxin that can cause reproductive damage.

It is obvious from the above that regular branded nail polish is not perhaps the healthiest product for us ladies, but Inglot has incorporated none of the “toxic trio” into their product.  Instead it uses polymer KS_02, which lets oxygen and moisture pass through to the nail bed.

Citrus Pink

The cost at the moment is £11 a pop which seems very pricey for a bottle of nail polish but it’s the first of its kind; it’s healthy and beautiful, but best of all, it is halal!

Find these halal pops of colour here

    • Maryam
    • 16/07/2013

    Several people have tested the permeability of this brand and found that it is NOT permeable at all to water. You can find several youtube posts that test inglot against their competitor Tuesday in Love and show that the latter actually allows water through. Although I don’t wear nailpolish myself, I know that a lot of sisters are concerned about whether or not to trust inglot and their claims. I strongly recommend looking at the reviews online before buying. Here are some of the youtube links:

      • Mous
      • 13/02/2014

      This could video could have been posted by someone who has connections with tuesday in love in order to put inglot in a bad light…

  1. Reply

    There must be a reason why it’s branded as halal….I doubt they would give it such a title without it being scientifically proven.

    • adilsfoodblog
    • 08/07/2015

    Just an FYI to anyone who is confused/concerned as to why Inglot is not working as well as TIL when tested at Home….The whole premise of these two nail brands is that they are permeable to water i.e. they allow water to penetrate (breathable). Now doing a simple test at home using a kitchen towel or a coffee filter is not exactly the most scientific way to do a test. As I am sure you are all aware, Inglot is a well known, professional company who has spent a lot of money on R&D and would not simply state one of their products as being something it is not as this would open them up to a whole raft of legal problems.

    TIL (Tuesday In Love) lets water penetrate through to the nail (more so it seems than Inglot) and contrary to popular belief (i.e. those youtubers) so does Inglot. Inglot has done a scientific experiment showing that water does get penetrated. In particular it is water vapor which is allowed to pass through.

    Now whether or not you believe that water vapor is enough to deem the product suitable to use during Wudu is down to personal opinion but this product has been sanctioned as permissible to wear whilst doing Wudu without nullifying your Wudu by certain scholars. However other scholars have stated that it is not as they feel more than water vapor needs to penetrate to the nail and that water should be dripping off the surface touched by water (Please refer to HGAT’s link to the scholar and the discussion which also contains the youtube video with the official test which Inglot has carried out showing water does penetrate).

    So the question really is not that, does the product work, its more of a question of are you happy with the amount of water that penetrates based on your own personal belief. The text in the hadith relating to this issue can be interpreted both ways. Its not a black and white situation.

    I hope this clears things up a little bit.

    Kind Regards

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