Introducing the Jeem Journal

As Muslims, we have been recommended to exercise meditation and mindfulness in our daily lives, all in order to grow our connection with Allah. It was an activity the Prophet (SAW) would partake in regularly on Mount Hira and it has been proven to be a great way to improve our spiritual-wellbeing as well as our emotional wellbeing. So how can one achieve a sense of spiritual intelligence? One simple way is through journaling.

Journaling is known to have a host of benefits: reducing stress and anxiety, increasing your productivity, helping you to achieve your goals, improving your memory and concentration, just to name a few. It is not a new phenomenon though and many inspirational figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Frida Khalo and Marie Curie have kept journals of their work and ideas. But what’s even better than a regular journal? An Islamic inspired journal like Jeem Journal. 

The Jeem Journal was created by Tauseef and Sarah Mehrali with the intent of helping modern Muslims achieve peace, purpose and productivity in their lives. What makes the Jeem Journal stand out amongst the rest is the inclusion of a daily prayer tracker, Qadr Destiny Drive and a Life Mapper; all important tools to help you make the most of your every day, both spiritually and emotionally.

Each page of the journal is split into mornings and evenings, where you are able to note down what you are grateful for, positive affirmations to get you through your day and what your goals are for tomorrow – an activity that only requires 5 minutes of your time, twice a day, and will set you on a more harmonious path.

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