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Today I ventured down my favourite trademark in London, Oxford Street.  With over 5 million visitors bustling down this street, it has become central to high street fashion and great cuisine to appeal to different palates of taste.

Jerk City is one known to satisfy the increasing number of hungry mouths that visit them on a daily basis. It is located down a side road just off of Oxford Street, so it may be difficult to just stumble upon, but thankfully a few weeks ago I happened to venture down this street and came across this quaint small family owned establishment.

I walked down Wardour Street to find this gem and automatically mistook it for a take out restaurant. However as I peeked further past the counter, I could see the seating area beginning to fill up with business partners and dates. It really is quite ideal for the busy working man as they place their order at the counter, receive a receipt, and then sit down while they wait to be served their food.

After staring at the chalkboard rammed with traditional Jamaican staples, I opted for only four items.   So here goes…

Fried Dumpling.

Plain Dumpling

Yup, “fried dumpling” is what it said on that chalk board and that’s what I got. No other description to it, so when I saw the waitress approaching our table with what seemed to be a big round ball I was not sure if it was what I ordered. Sure enough it was my fried dumpling.  The bread inside was hot and firm complementing the crispy exterior perfectly well.

Jerk Chicken


Who visits a Jamaican restaurant without ordering the classic Jerk chicken?  I can’t say what Jerk Chicken is supposed to taste like as I’ve had different versions from all over the place, but this is definitely the best tasting one I’ve had.  With every mouthful of the soft and moist chicken that contained a burst of flavours, there was the accompanying spoonful of rice and peas that followed. This would definitely be a reason to come back and visit again.


Tail of an Ox

Many people can shy away from the thought of eating the tail meat from a cow but when it’s served with butterbeans and rice, one cannot resist. The meat was so tender that it just melted in your mouth. It was covered with a strong thick sauce that added more flavour to the meat without making it dry.

This fully halal (no alcohol) establishment has allowed me to extend my taste buds to my now new favourite Caribbean cuisine and it definitely requires several revisits in the near future just to fully appreciate their fully loaded menu.  I apologise for the lack of food that I had ordered, but I wasn’t particularly starving enough or with enough people to be able to order more dishes.  Next time I visit I will definitely be better prepared!

The website clearly states a halal status and this has been confirmed by staff.


Address: 189 Wardour St, London, W1F 8ZD
Telephone: 020 7287 2878
Nearest Station: Oxford Circus
Parking: Free street parking available in the surrounding area after 6:30pm or pay and display

  1. Reply

    Are you sure any of the restaurants / eateries you review are “”truely” halal? Most of the places I’ve looked at in your London directory sell alcohol, surely that negates halal requirements 🙁

    1. Reply

      Unfortunately a lot of London establishments serve alcohol on their premises as it helps them stay open! So yes, maybe not “truly” halal, but as long as no alcohol is present in the food then I’m happy.

    • Kenneth Chu
    • 13/09/2018

    Jerk City is Closed

      • HGAT
      • 18/09/2018

      Aw no, thanks for letting me know – will update this 🙂

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